Mawat Training

For the Scouts and Scouters of Mawat District, Occoneechee Council, NC

Scout Leader Training

Training Goes With Every Scouting Position To Help You Provide The BEST Program Possible For The BOYS.
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We are currently working on the Fall Training Schedule.
When we have specific dates, times, and locations, we will open registrations.

Cub Scout Leader Specific Training for
Den Leaders (Wolf and Bear) or
Cubmasters and Pack Committee - April 30
Deadline was April 23th

Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster Specific Training
(part 1) - April 16 PLUS
(part 2) - April 23 PLUS
(part 3) - April 30
Deadline was April 9th - All three are required for training.

Cub Scout Leader Day School - October 18th - Deadline October 4th -
Brand new time

For updated information on Training courses for Mawat District contact:

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Essentials of Training

The new Basic Leader Training comprises two parts: New Leader Essentials for all unit-level leaders and Leader Specific Training, which s based on the leader’s unit-level position.

Basic Leader Training is designed for maximum flexibility. The sessions can be delivered over time - training on one or more evenings a week or month - or in a one-day training event that incorporates all program areas. It is suitable for large or small groups and may be presented to leaders of one or more units each time. Each council and district may decide the appropriate delivery method, keeping in mind that the focus is to remove roadblocks and achieve 100 percent trained leaders.

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Youth Protection

Child abuse is an increasingly serious, widespread problem in society, affecting every ethnic group, socioeconomic level, and geographic area. The significance of this problem is revealed by the nearly 3 million cases of child abuse reported each year in the United States. The Boy Scouts of America has developed Youth Protection training to prepare its leaders to help children who have been, or are being, abused.

The training program includes information for parents as well as the video It Happened to Me. Materials are for use in pack and den meetings to show Cub Scouts and their parents what they should do to prevent abuse from happening to them.

In addition, the BSA has adopted a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to help ensure that Scouting continues to be safe for all participants. Background checks are required for all new leaders as of April 2003, and the Boy Scouts of America will not tolerate any form of child abuse in its program and will take all necessary steps to remove any offenders from membership in the BSA.

Every leader in Cub Scouting should complete Youth Protection training, which is delivered by the district or council. Parents will also find this training valuable. In addition to a thorough review of BSA Youth Protection policies, the training develops an increased awareness of Youth Protection issues.

Your pack trainer, Cubmaster, unit commissioner, or district training chair can provide information on how to receive this important training.

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On Line Training

Cub Scout Leader Fast Start

Fast Start training is the first step for any new volunteer and is to be delivered immediately after a new leader registers and before he or she meets with any youth member. Each program gives leaders information on planning and conducting their first meeting, and even demonstrates one they can use. Five segments are included in the video: "Tiger Cub Den Leader", "Cub Scout Den Leader", "Webelos Den Leader", "Cubmaster", and "Pack Committee"

Boy Scout Leader Fast Start

Fast Start Training for Boy Scout Leaders includes segments on these 3 topics: "The Troop Meeting", "The Outdoor Program", and "The Troop Organization".

Venturing Leader Fast Start

The Venturing Fast Start guide illustrates how using the program planning process can get Venturing programs off to a successful start. It provides information about training youth officers and is designed to be produced locally to orient new crew Advisors.

Youth Protection Training

All leaders are required to understand the procedures for Youth Protection within the Boy Scouts of America. Make sure that you take this course as soon as possible!

Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat

This training was developed to prevent aquatic accidents, we must know and follow Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat. The life you save or the injury you prevent may be your scout.

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Check the Occoneechee Council Website for other training opportunities.
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