Cub Scout Leader Day School

Cub Scout Leader Day School

What's Happening to Cub Scout Leader Day School?

We've come down to one week before the course, and we don't have quite enough adult leaders to make the course viable. We're going to reschedule the "Day School" to another Saturdaay, October 18th. We have to make arrangements for facilities, and as soon as we do we'll open registration.

Why are we doing this?

Recent changes in Cub Scout Training have dropped many of the practical aspects of running a Den or Pack meeting. So, we’ve put together a Quick Reference Course and Guide to help you conduct your meetings. We've included Ceremonies, Crafts, Games, Songs and other things for you to include in your planned meetings.

How are we set-up?

How are we set-up? Please register for the most appropriate Cub Scout Level for your position. The course has been divided into different age-related activities (Ceremonies, Crafts, Games, and Songs.) for each Cub Scout Level. Come and learn lots of new and time-tested ideas for your Den and Pack meetings.

Role Models

Cub scout-aged boys are strongly influenced by the adults (parents, teachers, Scout leaders) in their lives. Therefore, one of your most important jobs as an adult Cub Scout leader is to be an excellent role model and Akela for your scouts. So come to this training course and learn how to put on a great program for them. Let them see you doing your best, planning ahead, being a good team member, and especially having fun while doing all this. Show them the kind of person you would like them to grow up into.

Where? When? How Much? How Long? Flyer

Where: TBA
When: Saturday, October 18th
How Much: Course fee is $25. Includes Blue & Gold Lunch Program, Snacks, Craft Materials, Patch, and Cub Scout Leader Day School resource CD.
How Long: Gathering is from 8:30 to 8:45; Dismissal ~3:30pm.
Flyer: Cub Scout Leader Day School Flyer in pdf format (download)

Registration (As soon as where is established)

Due to space and time considerations we are limiting the course to 125 participants (25 in each level of Cub Scouting plus Cubmasters/Assistant Cubmasters/ Pack Committee)

Questions: Carolyn Bolles or 336 364-7670

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