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What is M.A.W.A.M.?



If you're starting to feel like the poor bastard pictured on the home page every time your wife or girlfriend explodes in her monthly menses, you need to know that you are not alone!

When your wife or girlfriend orders a huge meal at a fine restaurant and only eats two bites... Brother, you need M.A.W.A.M.

Think back to when you first got married. "Of course nothing will ever change sweetheart." "Once we're married everything will stay just the way it is, only better." Sound familliar? Your new bride used to come to bed in little more than a skimpy pair of panties. When was the last time she climbed in the sack with anything smaller than a flannel nightgown and a pair of granny underpants? YA RIGHT! Men are morons! I'll bet she is starting to look and smell just like her mother. Well???? Join M.A.W.A.M. and learn how to tell that always yackin, finger pointin, teeth-a-clickin, chin-a-wigglin, ass-a-jigglin, ball busting man killing W.A.M. to just shut the hell up already. DON'T FORGET THE FREE TEE SHIRT WITH MEMBERSHIP!


Don't be like this guy! Get a BackBone! Join M.A.W.A.M.


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