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M.A.W.A.M. Hate Mail

HATE Mail Received M.A.W.A.M. Response
I have never met a man who was worth anything, and of course you are just more of the same, not suprising, or even offensive. You are just another man who is pissed that women have their own lives and do not exsist to serve you. I am gay, and I think that all men should become gay too, I mean you are so supperior to women right? If you were gay you would never have to listen to us talk again. (Except at work) I am hopeful that this will change as well, I am part of a group of women who would like to supercede from men completely. I know that I would be much happier and feel much safer if I were surrounded by women and never had to look at another male again in my life!

Kasey Marie
Evansville, IN

Dearest Kasey:
Your beautiful and articulate message was forwarded to us. We would like to thank you for taking time away from your snail tracking to put into words a supreme example of your intellectually stimulating thoughts. We profoundly regret to inform you that M.A.W.A.M. men do not suck. This also appears to be the case with you. We do happen to agree with you that licking a pussy (in most cases) is much better than licking an ice cream. Regrettably, you have yet to invite some of our staff to watch you and your husky dyke looking girl-boys munch on each other while we gag in between the laughter.

Instead of trying to "supercede" men, which would be impossible for your incongruous bunch, we would recommend instead seceding from men.  This will provide the much needed lack of procreation required to sustain your breed for future generations of penis bearing males who enjoy vagina. Thanks again for your kind wishes. We look forward to receiving the videos.


M.A.W.A.M. Scum,
You are all perverts! All you think about is sex. All you care about is tits and ass. All you can mentally absorb are women as sex objects. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Genie Hartz
Sacramento, CA

Dear Genie:
Well said!

Write again soon,

Dear Dick Heads,
Fuck you and your faggot pussy web site.  You like men but not women. What does that tell you? I'll go eat an ice cream cone, you go suck some guy's dick. FAGS!

Bite Me!

Hi Lois:
Wow, where did you get such a strong command of the English language?  Maybe if you did something about your funny little acne problem, you could finally suck a dick instead of only an ice cream. Maybe not? Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll pass on the biting thing. You might have some better luck making that offer to a blind homeless person who could get past the pimple problem?


Why do you feel men are pussyfied?  Is it because it is no longer "ok" to cheat on your wife?  Maybe you feel pussyfied because it is against the law now to hit your woman?  Maybe you feel pussyfied because you now realize that women are smarter then you?  Just because women still earn less pay for the same work, doesn't make it "ok" to feel superior because you're not. In fact, all men are like little brat babies crying and peeing all over the seat.  You have no idea how infantile your entire mind set really is.  Grow up!

Lillian D. Kronen
Chicago, IL

Dear Lillian:
Your whimpering about less pay for equal work tells me that you must come to work late, and go home early. Maybe, your MALE associates are, in reality, smarter than you? Maybe if you put in the same time, and achieve the same productivity as your MALE counterparts, you would earn the same pay? Maybe, you are just a crying  PMS queen who is just too busy complaining to lift the seat. Do you make your husband clean the litter box? He is pussyfied! You have no idea why men don't like you, do you?  I'll tell you why.  If you were half way good looking and had big tits, you would be a  halfway good looking bitch with big tits instead of a man hating skank with a bad attitude. Go pound sand up your ass. It's probably the only thing that's ever been up there except for your finger.

All our love,

Dear M.A.W.A.M;
Cool web site. I am a 22 year old female who loves everything about men except for one thing. Why can't you men be taught to wipe better?  Damn, there is nothing worse than wanting to give him a hummer, and whiffing that terrible stench just as I start. What the hell happened to hygiene? What are you, cave men? Help!

Valerie Marcus
Denver, CO

Dear Val:
Thanks for your message. So glad to know you like the web site. Try to remember, MEN are the Kings of humanity. It's a MAN'S world. A little shit smell always goes along with nob gobbling. Just like fine wine with a fish dinner. You're still young. Once you have acquired the taste, you will enjoy it more and more, just as millions of other fine ladies do. Always remember, there is nothing about men that you don't like. Don't let that little gamy masculine fragrance get in your way. If that doesn't work, we recommend Pop Rocks candy.

You are awesome,

Master's MAWAM, 
Men are here to be used and abused by the intelligent gender. Boys are to be pittied, as they too will become men. Women who allow their children (boys & husbands) to have any degree of freedom are fools. The male needs constant looking after. In reality the only head they think with is down below. The other head simply holds up their face. The woman who said you are dogs was right. Why else do you urinate all over the seat?

Justine Kimble 
Kansas City, KS

Dear Justine: 
Thanks for reminding us why we are here. Like the FATHERS of our country, we are here for freedom. Large Mouth Fish, not unlike yourself, are the reason men have to piss through the toilet seat. It's the only way to teach your intelligent gender how to leave it up. Keep yapping sweety, you look real good with your mouth open! 


Men Against Women Against Men, I think you are a joke. Not a very funny one either. Today's modern woman has it all over you. Brains, good work ethics, and tolerance. You are just jealous that we have all the smarts and you have nothing but your little dicks. I have had enough of you. Go back to painting your trailer.

 Katherine L. Stokes

Hi Katie: 

Thanks for your kind words. I am interrupting my pocket pool to ask you how you got all those "smarts"? No doubt those good work ethics lead you to our web site while your boss thought HE was paying you to actually do some work. If you were so smart, guess you would be the boss huh? Nope, you're just another whining man bashing want to be feminist who can't get a date. Here's an idea, try bathing. I don't think make-up alone will help. 


dear suckling pig,

you smell. you make me sick. you are to be loathed. i rebuke you. you are all ass holes. i hate your guts.


Dear no name: 

Your sister told me fat girls sweat a lot. Sorry I never called you back. 


How do you sleep at night? Men like you have abused and taken advantage of innocent women for centuries. Now you feel that we are deserving of this ridiculous dialogue. You need to grow up and become real men. Leave the little boy behind and start acting your age! I pity you!!

Laura Gould-Hodges

Dear Laura Gould-Hodges:

To answer your first question, I usually sleep very well following a good blow job. Actually, I have never had a bad blow job, so let's just say I sleep very well after any blow job. It is doubtful that anyone would disagree with that except for your husband who most likely has never received one. Any man who would tolerate his wife having a hyphenated last name must be a real pussy. You see, hyphenated last name equals BITCH! If growing up means paying for you to stay at home while your husband works his ass off everyday so you can gallivant around town with a hyphenated last name, NO THANKS! How do you sleep at night? Probably in a flannel night gown, granny underpants, and greasy crap all over your face. We pity Mr. Gould-Hodges for putting up with you. 

Always & forever,

When will you learn that women run the world and men are nothing more than our lap dogs. Not unlike dogs, you would give up your career, your family, your money, and your life for one little sniff of our pussy's. The gender with a vagina rules your life in every way. Anything and everything you have is a result of what we allow you to have. Everything you do is because we allow you to do it. Everything you think about revolves around what I have between my legs. As I write this I take pleasure in the knowledge that I spend men's money relentlessly. They work like the dogs that they are, and will most likely die long before I do. I have my nails and hair done at the finest salons every week at the expense of whichever dog I am with at the moment. You are all pussy crazy animals and I love you for it. Now take that and do with it what you will. I hope to meet you someday. Maybe I'll even give you a little sniff? But it will cost you plenty, and you will be happy to pay. 

Ruff ruff.
Have a nice day,

Sweet as sugar

Dear Sugar:

Truer words were never spoken. Little five dollar whores like you make men part with their pocket change without hesitation. You appear to be pretty full of yourself over spare change. It seems that your snatch must have some serious mileage on it by now though. I'm sure your parents are very proud. Not sure if I would like to sniff it at this stage of the game. Who knows where it's been? Wash yourself up and don't forget to lather well. Maybe if you get it clean enough, some desperate old fart will toss you a quarter to see your underpants?

Bark Bark,

To whichever idiot gets this first,

What gives you the right?  Does your penis give you the power to control anything and everything?  Does she cry when you smack her around to keep her in line?  Come over here and smack me big man.  I'll kick your ass.  You seem pretty tough with all your big talk.  Come on I dare you.  Then you can tell everyone how nice it feels when your scrotum drops back down after the surgery to get it out of your throat.

Linda Collins
Alberta, Canada

Dearest Linda:

Your words flow like a cool summer spring.  While there is no doubt one would derive great pleasure from having his balls dislodged from his throat, it is also unquestionable that no court in the world would prosecute him for having shot you to death with an elephant gun.  Any smaller weapon would undoubtedly bounce bullets off you like bb's on an alligator.  No way to smack you honey. The wall of fat hanging off you is far wider than is the human reach.  Maybe we should just continue our relationship from a safe and reasonable distance. By the way, did they name Saskatchewan after you?

Let's stay friends,

To whom it may concern,

Your web site is a joke.  Have you no idea what women have gone through?  Did you even go to school?  Have you ever heard of rape?  Have you ever heard of battered women?  You are really sick.  You should be in jail.  Anyone who joins your group of sickos should be in jail.  Then you would be someone's girlfriend and know the answers to my questions.


Dear Joclyn:

Thanks for your sweet letter.  I know how much my woman has gone through.  Half my money and all of my house.  Your right, we are sick.  Some of us are even tired.  Some of us are sick and tired.  Now that you mention it, jail sounds like a frigging vacation.  You're wrong about the batter though.  I always thought that was just to find the wet spot on fat chicks.

Keep smiling,

Dear mawam,

You seem like a bunch of trailer trash white boys with missing teeth.  Keep her barefoot and pregnant and she'll keep her mouth shut.  How many of you Billy Bob's out there in your trailers know what it is to have respect for ladies.  This was the stupidest url I have ever seen.  And I have seen plenty.  No wonder you hate them.  You can't get them.  Go take a bath.  You make me sick!

Lawrence Adair
Springfield, MO

Hi Larry!

You sound like a real ladies man.  Thanks for all you're great learnin.  I can't speak for everyone, but I always respect a lady in my trailer.  Specially when she's a cleanin it or cleanin me.  Specially when she aint got no teeth too.  Specially when she's scrubbin the floor nekked and pregnerin.  We were all so honored to know that an aficionado of dumb urls found ours to be the dumbest.  Sorry we make you sick.  Please accept our apologies, and wipe your mouth before you go back to your dumb url surfing.  One last thing, thanks for your membership. The 6X tee shirt is on the way.

Your Brothers,

Look at your response to Claire. Can't you spell. Waist it on a boring night should be waste it on a boring night. But, I guess you already prooved your stupidity with the web site itself. Isn't is so lovely that you have a web site that caters to all the stupid,low life men in the world? Do any women willingly fuck you? I doubt it. You all probably are fat, middle aged, blue collar white American men who drive pick-up trucks, bowl on Thursdays, and have holes not only in your underwear but in your heads too. Thank-god I make more money than the majority of your members. I would hate to have to depend on support from neanderaths like you! You are shit. Eat my shit.


(her address has apparently been changed!)

Dear Genius: 

Thank you for your spelling lesson. You sound just a little hostile. Maybe your Daddy pulled out too fast, too many times and now you hate all men? Truth hurts, huh? Here's a small tip in exchange for your kindness, Man hating bitches who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones. As you said," But, I guess you already "prooved" your stupidity with the web site itself." Don't you mean "proved" honey? What college did you graduate from, M.I.T.? We flick you like a booger. We would eat your shit but the flies around your mouth make it too hard to get at. It's a good thing you make so much money. That way you should have plenty of time to answer your email. Better luck in your next life loser. 

One more thing, What's a Neanderath? 

Thanks for giving us a boner. 


Dear Jerkoffs:

I just wanted you to know that your little organization is ridiculous. I don't hate men but to create such an organization is completely idiotic when men have supressed women for centuries. For you to assume that youare better than women because of your little congregation of feeble minded men with nothing better to do is more hipocritcal than you can know. I hope your masculinity is reaffirmed with this little endeavor.
Just remember it's just an illusion.

Overland Park, KS
Dear Jacqueline:

Thank you for your enlightening response. There's always a "but" when man hating house hags start off a sentence with, "I don't hate men". Why are you so defensive? Like M.A.W.A.M. say's, "WE LOVE WOMEN". No one ever said men are better or that ridiculous idiotic female ball breaking man hating bitches like you are feeble minded. Even though you apparently have nothing better to do than write to M.A.W.A.M. I hope your anti male feminist sagging breasts feel reaffirmed following your little love letter. Funny how a smart little minky like you can't understand a web page hosted by a completely idiotic and ridiculous little organization like M.A.W.A.M. You get real cute when you're mad! Here's an idea, change your tampon. We can smell it from here. That's no illusion.

Enjoyed it,
To whom it may concern:

I came home today only to find my son and some of his friends looking at your vulgar web site. My son is 14 years old and has no business reading your profane garbage. I was shocked to see naked breasts on some of your pages requiring no password protection. This is why the internet must be regulated. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for the trash you put out 
for anyone an everyone to see. My husband will hear about this! I do not hate men but I hate the vulgarity you put on the internet. My son knows that women are just as capable as men. He is a good Christian and will not grow up to be a pervert like you. I demand that you remove this satanic display from the web immediately or I will write to the f.c.c. and force them to remove you forcefully. I hope I have made myself clear.

Dear Mommy:

We are sorry we showed parts of naked boobies on the internet. We're sure your son looked at them by accident. We are all ashamed of ourselves. Please 
don't call the F.C.C. on us. You have made yourself clear. We will remove our vulgar profanity from the net immediately. Bye the way, your husband is a M.A.W.A.M. member. He'll be home Just as soon as he's done banging the neighbor's daughter. Just one favor before we close out the web pages forever, can we smell your panties?

You are a social disgrace! Only in America do small brained want to be "real men" thrive. Your sexist superiority does not fly in the U.K. or anywhere 
else in the world. This is not the 1700's. This is the year 2000. Men and women are equal in all respects. It's about time you stupid barbarians jump out of the peliolithic period. Grow up and join the rest of the world.

Nigel Klinger
Dearest Nigel:

Small brained American MEN SAVED YOUR ASS IN WW2! If it wasn't for us you would be speaking German in the year 2000. As it is, you might as well be. 
You write like a man hating woman with testicles. It is obvious that women against MEN have ripped you a new ass hole. Unfortunately they left a Klinger hanging. Perhaps you should wipe it before it chokes what teeny tiny little balls you have left right off. Peliolithic? Too big a word for my barbarian brain. Do you sit when you pee?

Your pals,
How dare you display your contempt for all women? Do you hate your Mother too? Your childish web site was nauseating and idiots like you stink! It is men like you who cause women like me to hate men. Just because I am heavy doesn't mean that I don't have feelings. All you penis brained jerks stink.

Frannie Gordon
Lynn, MA
Dear Frannie:

You are clearly not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. How dare you question our daring to display our stinky contempt. Perhaps you are not capable of comprehending the written word well enough to understand the English we use in our childish website? Idiot was a strong word. It hurt my Mother real bad. She told me to call you a stupid big mouth fat ass house 
hag slut, but I would never lower myself to that level. On the other you have to stand up when you pee?

All the best,
Dear m.a.w.a.m. staff:

Why is it that you feel there is a need to hate women? It is profoundly disturbing, that in this day and age a large group of grown men, could elect to associate themselves with such a warped and misguided troupe of uneducated boobs. Perhaps more reading, and less cartoon watching could be effective for you?

Janet Heinemann
Portland, OR
Dear Janet,

We have your letter. Thank you for your articulate thoughts with regard to warped boobs. Evidenced by the manner in which you conveyed your thoughts, you are a woman who clearly loves men. There is no doubt you have loved the balls right off of yours (if you have one). It is profoundly disturbing that you are of the opinion that men are in some way obligated not to be misguided or to enjoy one's favorite cocktail while watching Tom & Jerry. I have no question that the fumes emanating from you, would knock a buzzard off a shit wagon. Perhaps a little more bathing and a little less writing letters to M.A.W.A.M. would prove effective for you.

With every best wish,
Hey ass holes,

GROW UP. You have no life. You are my Dogs. I spit on you. Fuck yourself!

A. Bitch
Dear A.,

If I could fuck myself, I would never leave the house.  Looks like you'll be changing your email address shortly.

To whom it may concern:

You had no right to take my husbands money. He had no intention of joining your group of infants. We are in the process of returning the shirt and other vulgar paraphernalia you mistakenly sent to us. You may make the refund out to my husband directly.  Dr. Randall Chesney, M.D. Failure on your part to comply will result in immediate legal action for fraud, conspiracy, and embezzlement. Do I make my self clear? Now go away!

Anita Chesney
Dear Mrs. Doctor,

It seems that after having gone through medical school, your husband doesn't need his whining bitch of a wife to tell him which organizations he can and can not join. Unless you have shred him of any semblance of manhood, we suggest he draft his own request for a refund (less 50% shipping, 25% wear and tear on materials, 25% administration costs). You are truly an intelligent individual, Frau Mrs. Doctor. We have no doubt you are the product of a major university. Maybe even Berkeley? Let's play horse! I'll be the front end, and you be yourself.

Very truly yours,
Dear Pigs:

You sicken me. You are a bunch of fat old ass holes who sit around with brown marks in their underpants. You have no respect for women and you have shitty old cars. If I ever found out that my guy was a mawam ass hole, I would kick him in the balls. Kiss my ass.

L. Vegas
Dear L.,

Thank you for your nice letter. Ouch! I love my old car. It's better than a kick in the balls. How many males have kissed your ass? (Dogs & Cats don't count.) I would probably love to kiss your ass too. Just one question, where should I start? You're all ass.

With love,
Dear Neanderthal slobs,

The fact that I am taking time to email you this evening, is evidence that I have nothing better to do as I have been stood up for a date by another ass hole male pig who probably is one of you. But for the fact that he has money, I doubt I would have ever agreed to go out with him again after the last time he didn't show. Tell me, Do all men get off on these childish mental games of female degradation? What kind of a jerk would join your organization? Where are the nice men? HELP!

Claire Bennett

Dear Claire:

The fact that you took the time to spew your anti male contempt, confirms the fact that you are a w.a.m. (woman against men). Just because he has money doesn't mean he wants to waist it on a boring night out with you. We suspect he only asked you out again as a back up in case his real date for the evening couldn't make it. She is most likely a beautiful women who loves men and enjoys pleasing men even if they don't have any money. You on the other hand represent all that is ugly in the female mentality. You sound like a real bitch. The nice men are everywhere. The Neanderthal slobs you referred to are exactly what you'll end up with unless you get heavy into plastic surgery. What kind of jerk would date you? You asked for help, now here's our suggestion: COMMIT SUICIDE!


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