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Welcome to the M.A.W.A.M. home page. No worry's, we do not hate women... WE LOVE THEM! We are here to support those of you who are tired of getting bashed and kicked by the small group of man hating radical female complainers. You too can be a master of snappy answers to their constant ragging. For example, if she tells you to grow up, you tell her to GROW BREASTS! They can't handle immaturity.

What is a W.A.M.? A W.A.M. is any "Women Against Men". We all know who they are. What we don't know is how to deal with them. M.A.W.A.M. has the answers!!!! If your wife or girlfriend yaps constantly about how rotten or lazy you are even though you pay all the bills, you need M.A.W.A.M.




As a M.A.W.A.M. member you will learn from others all over the world and explore how they deal with these whacked out man hating femibitches and house hags. W.A.M.s have no sense of humor, so immaturity becomes our grand weapon. We all need each others wisdom and experience. This is a force bigger than both of us.

Hurry don't wait contact us before it's too late! Just visiting the web site isn't going to help you. Join M.A.W.A.M. today. Email us for more info. Always remember, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
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