Kim Miller's Guide To Catamaran Capsizing

Conversation One. (Wallagoot Lake, Jan.1996.)

Kim Hey guys, can somebody give me a hand to lift my boat off the trailer?
Well, we don't usually like multis around here, but I suppose we can help this once.

Conversation Two. (At the Australian Hobie Nationals, Jan.1997)

Kim After sailing dinghies for twenty years then buying the Hobie I suddenly had a whole lot more stuff to learn.
Hobie Sailor So how did you get up enough emotional steam to join the opposition and buy a catamaran?
Kim I didn't know there was an opposition until I bought the Hobie. (Refering to Conversation One)

Conversation Three. (Wallagoot Lake, Jan.1997.)

Local So, another person who needs a multihull
Kim You ever sailed a catamaran?
Local I used to, but I gave up my training wheels years ago when I bought a real boat.