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GabCraft 0.2 - [Download]

Adding text messages to a Starcraft campaign can be very tedious. Starcraft does not indent or word wrap by itself. It must be simulated through the use of spaces and carriage returns. GabCraft was created to aleviate this problem. It allows you to type in your text normally and add formatting by pressing one button. The formatted text appears in a seperate window, and you simply copy and paste to the Starcraft Campaign Editor.

After the first release, several people requested support for colored text. In response, I've modified the tool to allow a user to change the color of the text using a visual interface. When you press the formatting button, the colors in the rich text box are converted into Starcraft-friendly color characters.

Visual Basic source code is included.

You will need to install the Visual Basic 6.0 Run-Time Files, if they are not already installed on your system. GabCraft may not function properly without them.

ASCII Model Viewer v0.85 - [Download]

Many 3D modelling programs today support exporting to human-readable ASCII text files that can easily be imported into other modelling software. The most common and widely used format has the extension "ASC", which can contain all vertex and face information for a model for a given frame of animation. They can alternatively contain UV coordinates, so a large group of these files can represent a complete, animated model.

Because plug-in player models for games like Quake II have at least 192 frames of animation, identifying ASCII models becomes a problem. I created ASCII Model Viewer as a tool to quickly view multiple ASCII-based models simultaneously. The program is an MDI application, written with the Microsoft Foundation Classes and OpenGL, and supports drag-drop for model loading. It can also load UV coordinates and Targa or PCX images as textures, so you can see your model fully textured.

Source code is not included. If you'd like the source code, please email me.

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