Ms. Doctor


Is there any chance of having a female play the role of the Doctor sometime in the future? Check out this question and answer from Vision 96's Q&A with Philip Segal:

Q: I believe you indicated that you stopped by rec.arts.drwho from time to time. If so, by now you have probably noticed a long string of messages concerning the concept of a female Doctor. Assuming Fox gives a green light to a new series, is there any possibility that a future Doctor may be female? If so, how do you believe such a change should be handled? - 4/8/96

Phil: Just thinking about a female doctor takes my breath away. I would love it! However, I'm not entirely sure the world is ready for that. Let's see what happens to the one we've got. :-) Speculation was never my strong suit.

Sadly, Russell T. Davies doesn't share this opinion:

WELSH Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies says he wouldn't let a woman become the next Time Lord - never in a million years!

Davies spoke for the first time last night following Christopher Eccleston's shock decision to quit the new BBC1 hit sci-fi show after the first episode.

Asked if he would allow a female actor to become the next Doctor, Davies said: "Nah! Imagine having to explain that one to your kids - that Doctor Who has lost his willy!"