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The Doctrix

The Doctrix is the female embodiment of Doctor Who. As envisioned by Barbara O'Quinn and Dena Porter, she lived a similar life to the Doctor, but in an alternate universe. Ergo, each Doctor has his own Doctrix. The only rule about the Doctrix was that she was generally attractive and looked similar to the Doctor. I am hoping to find the original stories written by these two women, but until then, perhaps you will enjoy the pictures I drew for them to illustrate their characters.

I put these pictures here not only for your edification and delight, but because Matt Raymond, a dear, fine fellow, asked me to make them available (that is, once I found out about his Female Doctor page!). His page contains many links to stories and sites all about the Doctor's feminine side.

A word of warning:
Most of these pictures were drawn in pencil over 10 years ago. When I scanned them, I cleaned them up a bit, but they are, for the most part, partial, smudged, and obviously aged. Please forgive these shortcomings. My favorite of the bunch is the Fourth Doctrix (I think because of the sense of fun in her eyes).

Doctrix One: She is standing at the gate to her garden waiting for (I think) Susan. It has been rumoured that one of my characters, Juliana, is the actual person she is waiting for. However, I can't remember anymore. The rarity of the bunch: the first Doctor is not in the picture.

Doctrix Two: She's clutching that damned recorder for dear life. Perhaps it is because the second Doctor is peering over her shoulder hoping to get it back? One of my better portraits of Troughton.

Doctrix Three: Picture One: The third Doctrix alone. I'm not real fond of this one, although I do like her hair. She's far too grand to be a Doctrix.

Doctrix Three: Picture Two: Ah! much better. The Doctor and Doctrix are enjoying an evening on the porch swing. They are both elegantly dressed. She's more sophisticated than in the first rendition. Unfortunately, it could use some finishing touches.

Doctrix Four: A simple pose with jelly babies. She's very amused. But no wonder, the fourth Doctor is peering behind her looking bemused. I really like the mischief in this one's face.

Doctrix Five: The last of the series. (You can tell this was before Colin Baker) Another simple pose. However, I like the way this Doctrix and Doctor share the same eyes. Hers are, perhaps, a bit more veiled than his. Unfortunately, I really ran out of interest at this point, and the Doctor has only one leg.

New Portraits!!!!

Doctrix Eight: Yes! I skipped over six and seven. Fear not! I'll come back to them. I drew this one for Matt. It's a very romantic vision of the Doctrix and Doctor enjoying a few books together. It is based on a Nell Brinkley picture (shown here to the right.) Sadly, it's not a great portrait of Paul McGann. I'll probably have another go at him in future.

Female Master (Matrix?) One: She's quite hard and cruel looking (nothing like Doctrix Eight). The fellow with the interesting nose next to her is Roger Delgado (sans beard -- somewhat as he looked in "Danger Man"). Somehow he's gotten into her clutches. Let's just hope the Master can extricate him.

More to come?

But of course! I've gone this far, why not complete the set? Let me know how you like the set. Be sure to visit Matthew Raymond's Female Doctor page.

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Images Copyright 1996 by S. Linz-Gould