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To the Gold Standard in Scale R/C Landing Gear.
This is where you'll find, "Innovation by Design
& Excellence in Performance."

The original and still the best!
Dont be fooled by "import knockoff gear" based on our designs. They may look like our gear but they dont work like our gear.

Introducing our 1:7(1:6.8) and 1:6 Super Scale F16 Landing Gear.
This high quality set offers functionality never before offered in scale landing gear.
No cast aluminium parts here. All of our components are CNC machined from solid bar stock to insure the strongest and highest quility part integrity. All critical rotational components are Oillite bushed for trouble free operation.
The main gear features large oversized 7/8" ID air cylinders to provide positive actuation with up and down locks. The articulating drag links not only look true to scale they actually work just like General Dynamics designed them to turn 90 deg on retraction.
The low profile nose gear also rotates in the proper direction and fits neatly between the air intake and the bottom of the fuselage, so no non-scale bulge inside the air intake is necessary.
Now you can have your F16 look right from the ground up.


Set Includes:

3 Gear set. Trim Scale wheels, tires and brakes.

Ram Econo headlights. Bulkhead templets.


Tired of having your conventional non-scale landing gear bend or break because they were not designed to handle the rotational side loads of the F16. Our Super Scale F16 Gear is designed just like the real ones so they can stand up to the high stress of today's turbine jet flying.

You put a lot of time and effort into getting your F16 to look just right. Why settle for conventional retracts that weren't designed to work in the F16 or the so called "scale gear" that don't even rotate like true scale gear?

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Innovation by Design - Excellence in Performance.

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