Restivo's Spam!

"Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you're not a regular of the usenet newsgroup alt.freemasonry but went there lately to find hundreds of essentially identical messages from Mike Restivo or if you've gotten an e-mail from him you're probably wondering what the heck it's all about.

Well, all of the silliness seems to be Mike's way of 'clearing his good name' which, in light of his 'backspace debacle' has really come under a cloud.  After all, when one writes pornography for the purpose of creating a 'sting' - and then wants you to believe that he's the only one who really understands issues of morality, it is quite a bit to swallow. Let's take a look at Mike's recent "standard refutation" which - within four hours of the attack on the United States when it was thought that there would be tens of thousands of deaths, he felt was more important and that people should focus on.  When rebuked for his gross insensitivity, he angrily responded that it was just that type of failure to recognize HIS suffering that perpetuated such horrors.  Perhaps just that explanation is sufficient to explain the mind of Mike Restivo now. 

Herewith Mike's accusations and ranting in bold black along with our replies in red.  This identical message was posted 44 times during the afternoon of the 'Attack on America'.  It was posted an additional 26 times on the following Sunday evening.  Mike appears to think that repetition will produce agreement....


Anti-Restivo hate trash.

A thousand refutations will not persuade these fanatics. 

Mike seems to think that anyone who disagrees with him or who writes disparagingly about him is a fanatic. He has also labeled essentially everyone who has responded to a publicly posted message from him as a "hate goon enforcer Masons"

Their "might is right" exercise and Grand Lodges' approval of years' of cyber terrorism against Restivo only contributes to a world already soaked in the blood from fanatics. 

To repeat: Mike seems to think that anyone who disagrees with him is a "cyber terrorist".  He has admitted that few write to him privately (in the several years of interaction, I certainly never have done so) and all other comments are matters of public record archived at Deja News.   

Why can't the FBI move against these subversives and professional hate mongers? Maybe some day.

Mike's rabid rhetoric notwithstanding, the only thing subversive about anything Masons have done online involving Mike Restivo has been to point out - frequently - that he is both a windbag and is often wrong in his assessments. We hope that Mike doesn't hold his breath waiting for such things to rise to the level of FBI involvement. And its curious he doesn't invoke the RCMP or MI5 as well since those in Canada (his home) and England have expressed identical sentiments. And remember, this is Mike writing on 9/11!

Cult mason Goldman needs to conceal the fact that I created porn bait for the sole purpose to trap one of his gang of hate masons.

Actually, there is no attempt to conceal Mike's creation of pornography at all and the entire foolishness is clearly explained right here - and has been since a few days after he created the pornography.  If Mike wants credit for creating pornography, who are we to deny him his due? Does the creation of such material in order to entrap others seem like the work of a reasonable person?  And why did Mike claim that the material was actually written for another purpose?

The content of my private life and private correspondence, are not for public consumption, although Goldman and his gang love to fantasize about Restivo's sex life in all manner of false ways, drawing their masonic cult brothers into their hallucinatory fantasies. 

It would appear that the only one fantasizing is Mike Restivo who wishes to fantasize that others fantasize about him.  As a single, unemployed, 55 year-old attending college for the first time, there appears little to fantasize about even if one wished to do so!

I was successful in trapping his partner in masonic anti-Restivo hate, sanctioned by the Grand Lodge of California for years.

Apparently Mike thinks that because I belong to a Lodge of Research in California, the Grand Lodge of California should make me stop pointing out that Mike Restivo often acts in a bizarre fashion and simply does not have the answers he thinks he has.

Goldman is annoyed that I exposed his pervert pal who published the porn bait for the edification of children directly on the internet through alt.freemasonry, without any complaint from the fellow cult masons ho <sic> habitually nest there.

Actually, Eugene Goldman finds it sad (as do I) that Mike thought it was a good thing he'd done in writing pornography and then setting up a "trap" on the internet.  What did it prove?  Nothing except perhaps the level to which he has sunk in his deprivation and obsession. And talk about "habitually nest": Masons would be expected to hang out in a Masonic-related newsgroup but what's Mike's excuse? He "habitually nest(s)" there because...???

The porn was a necessary bait to perform a social good by flushing out the criminal and perverted schemes of his buddy Ed King of the Grand Lodge of Maine.

"necessary bait to perform a social good"? Apparently Mike feels that "the end justifies the means"....  Sad! And, as Mike has been reminded many times, if he feels that a criminal act has occurred, he should be taking his pornography to the police so that they may use it to convict the criminal. Oh, wait: Mike believes that crimes can only be prosecuted when they occur by two people in the same town!

Eugene Goldman and Ed King are in the anti-Restivo hate business supported by their respective Grand Lodges.

Mike Restivo feels that any expression of disagreement constitutes "anti-Restivo hate".  He cannot accept that a difference of opinion, expressed in usenet messages, is simply that: a difference of opinion! Further, he cannot accept the fact that Grand Lodges don't monitor or control what their members think or write.

If they were within the legal vicinity of Toronto Ontario, I would sue them both for libel, repeatedly. They spew their hate masonry out of cowardice and out of reach of the law, for now.

When Mike first began this particular whine, there were MANY messages suggesting that he recruit the assistance of district attorneys and the like.  If he truly feels that a crime has been committed, he should IMMEDIATELY proceed. He has variously claimed he could not do so because of (a) a desire to prosecute such matters himself should he decide to pursue a law degree; (b) a lack of funds; and now (c) due to proximity to his residence.  He has repeatedly been advised that neither funds nor location should be an impediment to his actions and we have even sent him the address of various legal aid societies in Toronto including this one to Legal Aid Ontario with an office right there in Toronto.  Heck, we'll even give him the cab fare to get there if he wants! Should Mike wish a further listing of legal assistance organizations, here's a page with hundreds of international links for him.



Denial, deception and distraction is the typical Mason cultist evasion of choice; a diversion from the facts:

Mike's rabid rhetoric notwithstanding, we'll now proceed to address each of his claims of being 'menaced'....


Eugene Goldman, hate representative of the Grand Lodge of California against Restivo,

Mike Restivo likes to think that the Grand Lodge of California exercises control over the speech of their members and will intercede if something is written which is not to Mike's liking.

posted an alleged message which was attributed to a Brother of General Mercer Lodge.

It appears that Mike must have a very delicate constitution if he believes that the posting of a Usenet message has somehow "menaced" him.  His irrational fears have no basis in reality.

The original post made no attributions as the authorship of the message, but subsequently, Goldman acknowledged that it was from a Brother of General Mercer Lodge. No proof of claim was ever presented publicly. The author of the so-called letter was never revealed. It remains to be proven whether or not Goldman himself invented the so-called letter. Nevertheless, he continues to the present to conceal the identity of the so-called author of the letter, which he, Goldman, posted on alt.freemasonry, in order to prevent Restivo from filing charges, both Masonic and civil, against the alleged author. 

The letter to which Mike refers is one which was also sent to me, King, (sorry: just couldn't help falling into that endearing affectation Mike has to refer to himself in the third person and using tortured sentence construction which he, Restivo, seems to think will set him, Restivo, apart) and others by its author. His identity is, in fact, known to several Masons.  The letter was a disparaging opinion of Mike's public behavior. Wanting to be in control and imagining himself able to wreak vengeance on its author, he, Restivo, is obviously distraught about it having been made public.  He, Restivo, is angry because it has been kept private as per the request of the author.  Why is he, Restivo, so upset about not knowing the author's identity?  We'd think that he'd concentrate on refuting the CONTENTS of the letter rather than focusing on disparaging the author - but that's just a bit too logical, isn't it?

Goldman couldn't be satisfied with behind the scenes manipulation and interference with Restivo's application for re-affiliation, but needed to make his schemes known.

Mike's reasons for his application for re-affiliation at the same time he was berating dozens of Masons online can more clearly be seen in light of his later act of putting pornography online in order to "trap" Masons whom he saw as plotting against him.  People were lining up to ensure that Mike would never be admitted to the company of Masons again; it should be quite clear why....

His interference of course represents several Masonic violations, but his Grand Lodge protects him as long as his conspiratorial machinations are against Restivo. Masonic "Jurisprudence" is a joke. There is no Justice in the Masonic cult.

Mike's understanding of the 'laws' of Freemasonry is no better than his understanding of "Masonic Morality" about which he has written often.  Mike has asserted that if he were Master of a Lodge he would "raise up good Masons" in his image....

Rules and Regulations are disciplinary and punitive to keep the members in line. There is no mechanism for exculpation or the resolution of grievances between Masons, where one or more libel and/or slander another Mason under the auspices of defending Freemasonry.

Mike bemoans the non-existence of a Masonic 'court of appeals' to which he can take every petty pique or quarrel.  When someone disagrees with his proclamations, he seems to expect a hearing by an omnipotent Masonic judge who will force anyone who disagrees with him, Restivo, to cease and desist from doing so, regardless of free speech protections by their country. (Remember this issue: we'll find a direct contradiction later on!)

And, contrary to Mike's claims, there is a well-defined methodology for grievance resolution involving slander of another Mason. Just another example of his distortions and/or willful ignorance.

Goldman as Grand Lodge representative is the agent of same and as such represents the Grand Lodge of California declaring war against Restivo in its anti-social schemes since 1995, from Compuserve then to alt.freemasonry,

Mike Restivo seems to think that Gene Goldman, as a twice Past Master,  somehow writes representing an entire Grand Lodge clearly ignoring the fact that only a Grand Master can speak for his Grand Lodge and then only during his term of office.  Because Gene writes messages which dismiss or marginalize Mike Restivo, Mike feels that Gene must be silenced!

this hate Grand Lodge and its agent needs to attack and victimize and destroy the lawful Petition of Restivo as Master Mason for re-affiliation.

MANY wondered why - after twenty years of disinterest and during continued strife with Masons online for a half-dozen years - he, Restivo, would chose to submit a request for reaffiliation.  It would appear to have been a ruse so as to create yet more things against which he could rail. 

And when Mike was daily whining about 'hate Masonry' before his attempt at reaffiliation, did he believe what he wrote? Why, then, would someone want to reffiliate is the obvious question. Mike, using his extraordinary talent at historical revisionism now claims that it was to PROVE the evils of Freemasonry. (Of course, he's also offered that he thought he'd have the opportunity for a 'fair hearing' to clear his name....)

It is by no means a personal affair, as they need to spin their hate propaganda, but an organized and intentional hate business built upon intimidation, extortion and lies.

In one breath, Mike claims that it's 'all about him' yet here he writes something directly opposite.  Perhaps he could provide some evidence for this foolish claim?

Goldman wanted Restivo to know from whom the power to destroy his Petition lay. It lay in the hands of Mason enforcers who influenced and exerted their will across a continent to assure that Restivo was kept out of the nest of vipers at the General Mercer Lodge. It was necessary to make a public scheme of a so-called letter from a Brother of General Mercer Lodge to let Restivo know just from whom the power to destroy a Masonic Petition lay.

Mike's rhetoric outstrips any hope of logical presentation.  That his petition for reaffiliation was doomed at the outset should have been clear to even a stone. How does one expect to join a FRATERNITY of BROTHERS while smearing each and every one of them with whom one comes into contact?

With typical obfuscation, he, Restivo, provided several different explanations (including some direct refusals to provide an explanation) for his actions.  It seemed bizarre, to say the least, that he would want to reaffiliate with a Lodge of Masons when he could not identify a single person who supported him in this endeavor - and when every online Mason with whom he came in contact was (in his mind) somehow inferior and part of an enormous plot to embarrass him.

Asked directly whether or not his original proposers supported his attempt to reaffiliate, Mike indicated that one was now deceased. Asked repeatedly as to whether the other supported him, he has diligently ignored the question leaving readers free to draw the obvious conclusions.

The Lodge Secretary and Worshipful Master conspired to re-write the Ontario Constitutions' rules to humiliate Restivo and serve as a subterfuge and excuse to produce an unfavourable Ballot against Restivo's Petition. 

<chuckle>  Suffice it to say, no conspiratorial actions were necessary.  With someone possessing a personality like Mike's, his return to regular membership was hardly likely.

I expected that my enemies would have their say, but also expected the opportunity to vindicate myself according to due process of masonic justice. No such thing exists, to my surprise. The Book of Constitution gets thrown out in Restivo's case.

Mike seems to have expected an opportunity to 'explain' why he felt all online Masons were wrong and that he was right - and further, to 'explain' why he had the right to refer to anyone who ever wrote to him on alt.freemasonry as a "rogue, cult, enforcer-Mason".  Apparently he wanted some sort of 'hearing' for as long a duration as might be necessary to give him the opportunity to fully justify his anti-Masonic actions while vilifying the Masons who wrote things with which he did not agree. No such provisions occur in any Book of Constitutions thus denying Mike his podium, much to his chagrin.


Ontario Grand Lodge Officer William Thompson makes one biased message on alt.freemasonry giving his understanding that the Ballot would be unfavorable. In but one message, he commits three masonic violations,

As already shown, Mike's understanding of Masonic jurisprudence is far from perfect. 

which when I brought them to the attention of the Lodge Secretary, he ignored my complaint and could not offer any remedy for the egregious Masonic offences committed in public for the purpose of destroying my petition process.

It appears that what Mike wanted was an unlimited opportunity to illustrate his justifications for his anti-Masonic behavior - in the venue where he sought readmission to Freemasonry.  In reality, it seems that Mike simply wanted more attention in his increasingly egocentric behavior. 


Ed King, representative of the Grand Lodge of Maine in their hate campaign against Restivo since 1998,

Mike's claims about the hate campaigns of Grand Lodges is so ludicrous as to be laughable - if one didn't realize that he actually believes this!

instructed his confederate Nelson King, to make a public message on alt.freemasonry

Mike must also be clairvoyant in knowing what I did or did not do. For the record, no such request was made and such a claim is a Restivo fantasy.

claiming to have alerted the metro Toronto Police and the Director of Security of the Royal York Hotel, that Restivo would be making a disruption of the Philalethes convention held there. Both claims were lies as Restivo personally checked with both metro Toronto Police and the Director of Hotel Security who had heard nothing of such allegations made to them.

Nelson King, respected President of the Philalethes Society known throughout the Masonic world, who has contacts with the Toronto Police Hate Crimes Division from prior death threats posted to the Philalethes web site, indicated that he had made such contacts. That they would not confirm those complaints to the suspected perpetrator is certainly not too difficult to understand - except to Michael Restivo! <sigh>  Nelson King is also a friend who would not want harm to befall yours truly.

In April, 2002, Mike announced on the alt.freemasonry newsgroup that he was demanding that the Royal York Hotel immediately renounce the evil he imagined being perpetrated against him and issue a disclaimer of responsibility. We can only imagine the peals of laughter ringing through the halls at the Grand Dame of Ontario hotels if Mike was foolish enough to do such a thing. 

(Incidentally, the Philalethes Meeting at the Royal York Hotel was a tremendous success, due in no small part to the excellent staff and extraordinary service at that facility. It is indeed a 'world class' property. We had stayed there once previously and found our return to be even more delightful than the wonderful time we'd remembered from the past. Those new to the Royal York reveled in its sumptuous 'old world' flavor while returning guests like myself were eager to tout its unique character, from High Tea to the GREAT train memorabilia in the gift shop. If you're ever anywhere near Toronto, do stay at the Royal York: it's an experience you'll long remember. Consider taking the train as we did on our first journey there: you can walk across the street from the station to their front door! Despite their huge reputation, their prices are most reasonable.) 

Nelson King did his part to make a public post in alt.freemasonry to intimidate Restivo and help agitate the sheep Masons into supporting their conspiracy to destroy Restivo's petition for re-affiliation.

We'd suggest that it seemed helpful to make the actions of the Society publicly known so as to discourage any 'disruption'.

William Thompson was the President of the local Philalethes chapter that was sponsoring the convention and whether by orders or by his own evil initiative, made his one and only hate message against Restivo on alt.freemasonry. He thereby ingratiated himself as a good goon Mason in the eyes of his masters and confederates and co-conspirators.

Mike Restivo demands that everyone pay attention to him.  When they do, he becomes enraged.  There seems to be no happy medium here.  Beyond that, his ad hominem attacks do little to advance his complaints.


Michael R. Poll, professional anti-Restivo hate monger and enforcer-Mason appeared from the darkness to post his daily rants against Restivo on alt.freemasonry on which he had been previously no where to be found.

Apparently Mike Restivo thinks that certain areas are his exclusive preserve and that he, Restivo, should control when people post. Mike Poll had been particularly effective in exposing the foolishness and ignorance of Mike Restivo's claims about the Scottish Rite in the past during many interactions on Compuserve.  In fact, Mike Poll has gone on to be a well-respected author, recently being given an award for contributions to literature on the Scottish Rite by the Scottish Rite Research Society.  Mike Restivo steadfastly refused to recognize that Mike Poll knows more than he, Restivo, does about the Scottish Rite even though he, Restivo, admitted during those Compuserve debates that he had only three books about the Scottish Rite on which to base his conclusions and write his aggressive and demeaning tomes!

A coincidence that it was precisely after Restivo had announced on alt.freemasonry of his intention to re-affiliate? Not at all. He had to rally the Masonic sheep against Restivo, telling them to not question but obey; that he knew best.

In reality, Mike Poll had posted on hundreds of occasions on alt.freemasonry.  Repeated computer problems with an aging computer system, however, kept him offline sporadically for extended periods of time.  Using an old computer does have its downside but Mike Restivo finds conspiracies against him everywhere.

He claims to have written a report about Restivo, obviously a tissue of lies, the contents of which he conceals in order to protect the guilty from Restivo's exposure of said lies by Michael R. Poll. 

"...obviously a tissue of lies...." sight unseen.  Anything critical of Mike Restivo - anything which would show him to be an insufferable bore or an intellectual lightweight or a very disagreeable person is "...obviously a tissue of lies....".

This so-called report was to be read prior to the Ballot being taken on Restivo's petition for re-affiliation. Given such a biased and prejudicial state of affairs, why bother to ask the will of the Lodge membership at large? The conspirators have spoken and their confederates have obeyed. 

It would appear that Mike Restivo believes any correspondence involving him first be given his Imprimatur. And one further wonders: if Mike was such a wonderful guy, why would he be so consumed worrying about something a Mason from a thousand miles away thought? Could it be that Mike knew full well that he had 'burnt his bridges' long, long ago? Convenient to whine about this situation while overlooking the demeaning insults heaped upon those who dared to question his conclusions and perceptions in the past, isn't it?  

Correspondence that is prefaced "To be read aloud in open Lodge" is arranged to be so done by the Lodge Secretary. Using a suitable degree of discretion, correspondence to be read aloud, including Poll's hate-report against Restivo, would be read all within the rules, except the ones of the Ontario Masonic Book of Constitution, as that maneuver constitutes tampering with the Restivo Ballot, especially as Restivo is not and cannot be present to refute the lies written and spoken against him.

Was Mike Poll's correspondence so marked? Could Mike Restivo refer us to any Masonic rule-book of any kind which supports his self-created theory. As stated often, Mike's knowledge of Freemasonry is often so false to fact that it's laughable. Here is just one more example. That a correspondent from another Grand Jurisdiction could demand his letter be read aloud in open lodge is laughable in the extreme.

Mike Restivo's interpretations notwithstanding, candidates for Freemasonry (or for reaffiliation in Mike Restivo's jurisdiction) do not have an opportunity to write the report of the Investigation Committee to their liking nor do they get a 'rebuttal' if things are said with which they disagree.  Freemasonry has worked this way for some 300 years; Mike Restivo wants changes made because of his imagined 'unique' situation.  Had he not been slandering Masons while simultaneously requesting readmission, this might not have been an issue. Calling others "goon hate rogue cult enforcer Masons" yet wanting to regain membership seems, to even the most casual observer, to be somewhat disingenuous! 


Masons Mike Ermel and Michael R. Poll conducted an online anti-Restivo hate business for several years, posting almost daily on Compuserve and to a lesser extent on alt.freemasonry, less Poll.

The events and others' interpretations of them are quite at odds with Mike Restivo's description.

Poll used Ermel as his attack instrument and stayed in the darkness.

Again, false to fact as a review of the records show. Mike Poll posted extensively and regularly refuted his, Restivo's, bizarre assertions.

Ermel ran an extortion business against Restivo, publicly claiming that he was in possession of correspondence between Restivo and a woman, who it was alleged by Ermel and Poll, Restivo insulted, solicited to assisted in anti-Masonic debates then insulted her Christianity. Ermel refused to divulge the name of the woman or the correspondence in question for a period of two years. 

Absent from this explanation was the fact that Messrs. Poll and Ermel (and others) had agreed to withhold the identity of the individual who feared that Mike Restivo was somewhat unbalanced.

By accident, their woman confederate accidentally revealed herself on alt.freemasonry. 

In reality, upon being advised that Mike Restivo was now petitioning for reaffiliation, Ms. Julie Helms came to the alt.freemasonry newsgroup, praised Messrs. Poll and Ermel for keeping her identity secret for all that time and reiterated the validity of the statements they had made about the correspondence. How he, Restivo, can refer to a deliberate act as an "accident" again speaks to the tenuous grasp on reality which he, Restivo, has!

Restivo was then and only then able to search his databases of archived Compuserve messages and returned with 60 of her messages, including the entire thread of her correspondence to and from Restivo. I published the entire exchange on alt.freemasonry and amidst the usual denials, reposted it again, thereby deflating the hot air balloon of the Ermel/Poll extortion racket, as the entire correspondence proved that their allegations were all lies, designed to foster and promote their anti-Restivo hate business.

Indeed, Mike Restivo HAS posted (more than once as if repetition will prove his point) what appears to be a series of messages between himself and Ms. Helms. Her interpretation of them is far different from his. At the time, Messrs. Ermel and Poll were not privy to the actual messages and relied on Ms. Helms' interpretation which they had no reason to doubt.  

What the messages also relate in his, Restivo's, own words is that despite his prior denials to that effect, he, Restivo, willingly encouraged others to argue with Masons and provided coaching to them, while constantly seeking praise to stroke his ego in return.


Curious to see how readily the enforcer-Masons adopt the nefarious tools of intimidation and extortion, Restivo set a trap for them by inserting pornographic essays in an unadvertised subdirectory of my web site.

Doesn't the above sentence say SO very much about Mike Restivo?  What kind of person would ever THINK about doing such a thing?

Further, here Mike Restivo states that his action was based on 'curiosity'. In other messages, he has stated that it was to prove criminality of Masons. Does this look like Mike is having problems keeping his stories straight? 

On one occasion, I posted the URL to my page on real Freemasonry. By backspacing to the root directory and attempting to enter there, one is customarily greeted with a "do not enter" message or equivalent, to keep prying eyes out. Restivo intentionally removed the "do not enter" warning and allowed a perpetrator, who had thusly hacked into the root directory, access. From the root directory the perpetrator saw the bait that I had set for him or her: a subdirectory called "erotica", in which I had posted several pornographic essays designed to entice the perpetrator into thinking that he or she had something in evidence that could be used in an extortion plot against Restivo.

This entire event is described at length on this page.

The URL was at no time made public, but only posted a few times appended to Restivo's messages on alt.freemasonry. It was not known to search databases.

We're not sure how Mike can be so confident that the address for the pornography he wrote and published to the web was not known to search databases.  There are, we understand, hundreds upon hundreds of such databases designed specifically for pornography.  We'll have to take Mike's word that he's familiar with them all and his URL wasn't on there.... 

Access to the "true freemasonry" page was done by on click and one-click only, no backspacing or other totally irrational keystrokes required. But two weeks passed

We've discussed the humor of the backspace on our other page but it seems strange that here Mike Restivo asserts that the material was only available for two weeks. When asked about the sequence of events by various posters on the alt.freemasonry newsgroup, he first loudly asserted that it made no difference.  He then claimed that he did not know and later responded with "a few weeks".  Requests to clarify his definition led - after some typical Restivo obfuscation - to a claim of "about three weeks".  Strangely somehow, this has now moved down to two weeks.  He claims that this was a carefully laid out plan to prove something yet can't remember one of the most basic details of it: i.e., when it began!  Does it seem like Mike is trying to hide the amount of time that this material was actually available to the public?  Perhaps Mike was actually caught with - dare we say it? - his pants down! 

when Ed King, the same Ed King and professional anti-Restivo hate business promoter who schemed with Nelson King to destroy Restivo's petition, posted the URL to the porno bait subdirectory using alt.freemasonry as his public medium, to which anyone, even children could have access. His compulsion was to threaten and discredit Restivo and extort silence from him, Restivo's Petition process already having been destroyed by his and his gang's manipulations. The sheep Masons on alt.freemasonry claimed that he had the right to enter, to trespass without permission and that it was the victim's responsibility to have bigger and better security than the perpetrator(s).

Mike Restivo seems to think that somehow persons should ask permission before going to parts of his web site which he makes publicly available. His ISP provided security which would have immediately stopped anyone from proceeding to his section of salacious and disturbing material. He removed such security protection deliberately and then complains that people walked through the door he opened. Methinks he doth protest too much....

Failing that, they can lawfully enter and possess title to whatever they find inside. Such legal and civil nonsense is regularly touted by enforcer-masons in their bullying attempts, but it is nevertheless nonsense and illegal. The sheep-Masons all agreed in passive support of the criminal actions of Ed King, His extortion attempt against Restivo:

No one attempted to claim title to Mike Restivo's puerile writings and those who saw them were repulsed by them.

1. Ed King's first extortion attempt in public on alt.freemasonry was to report Restivo to his church. I told him to go ahead and not to forget the details of how I entrapped him. 

We note Mike Restivo's cute insertion of the words "in public".  Needless to say, there was never anything in private and we would defy him to prove otherwise. Beyond that, we think that the Archbishop of Toronto with whom Mike claims a long relationship might be interested in seeing how his self-claimed "friend" had become involved in pornography for the purpose of entrapping people. In light of the scandals involving the Roman Catholic Church which have come to light recently, we wonder now more than ever before what Mike's priests and the Archbishop might think of one of their parishioners/friends engaging in such acts....

Coincidentally, Mike has attempted to 'make the Grand Lodge aware' of the imagined wrongdoings of both myself and Gene Goldman. This, though, was clearly NOT extortion, was it Mike?

2. Ed King's second extortion attempt in public on alt.freemasonry was to report to the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario about me. I told him to go ahead and that I would furnish the true details of my sting operation to flush out and catch the perpetrator Ed King of Maine, dubbed by the Philalethes Society, of which Nelson King and William Thompson are principal officers, as "Man of the Year" for his hate business against Restivo among other things unknown. Who else has this conspiratorial group threatened in the past?

Mike's attempts at painting the picture of an extortion racket notwithstanding, we should note that our having been named as E-M@son of the Year occurred in October, 1999, nearly two years before this event.  Correct interpretations of fact is not a strong suit when Mike Restivo tries to paint the picture of his good behavior.

As to the selection of the bait, it had to be something salacious or notorious; something that the suspected perpetrators would seek out and use in a blackmail scheme like Ermel and Poll. "Restivo's home grown drug page", "Restivo's church of Satan page", or "Restivo's home bomb-making page" although notorious, ran the risk and liability of "where there's smoke there's fire" suspicions, bait or no bait. A page about Restivo's fantasy sex life provides the extortion material in the minds of the perpetrators, but leaves nothing of any substance against Restivo.

Mike Restivo seems to go to great lengths to explain his behavior, doesn't he? 

Ok, so what if Restivo has a rich sex sex-life, which would be private, like the majority of other individuals' sex lives, where it not for Ed King's anti-Restivo hate business' need for something with which to make an extortion plot against him.

Mike Restivo has offered THREE differing explanations for the creation of his pornography.  One is that it was written for a "few lady intimates" , a second is that it was created exclusively for his 'sting' while the third (as noted above) was that it was (idle) curiosity. These motivations are quite distinct it would seem.

Is Mike now trying to claim that his filty stories represent his real life?  If so, his treatment of women is disgusting in the extreme and is far beyond aberrant.  If, on the other hand, the stories were created exclusively for entrapment purposes or curiosity, why has he raised the issue here?  And why does he add the word "rich"??? Mike Restivo's fantasies seem to have not stopped at the fantasy of sadism or masochism or persecution....

The extortion is always the same: "Shut up or we will report you or incriminate you or fabricate whatever false charges they can proffer against Restivo". To this end they spend their miserable and pathetic lives and will and must subvert the social and legal order to do so.

Mike often claims that online Masons are attempting to extort his silence. He cannot, however, cite any example whatsoever where any Mason has taken any action at all to effect this.... Hyperbole is all this is.

And, we wonder, how does Mike then justify the contacts he deliberately made a couple of years earlier in attempt to denigrate Gene Goldman before the Grand Lodge of California or myself before the Grand Lodge of Maine. Failing to find satisfaction in his OWN extortion attempts, Mike rails with righteous indignation at even the thought that others might tarnish his imagined sterling reputation.

And if Ed King decides to surreptitiously video tape innocent couples in their bedrooms then publish the videos on the Internet, are the victims to be blamed?

Does this example make any sense whatsoever?  Only if one uses it to gauge Mike Restivo's grasp on reality....

Are the Jews to be blamed for the Nazi holocaust against them? No and No. 

Mike Restivo wants everyone to understand that the 'suffering' he endures at the hands of the millions of Masons lined up against him far exceeds that of the victims of the Holocaust.  We find such claims grossly insensitive and disgusting in the extreme.  Remember too that this was being posted in excess of THIRTY TIMES on the afternoon and evening of September 11th.... Can there ever be any act of transgression against mankind that Mike would see as being greater than his imagined persecution?

The Masonic sheep need to believe that Restivo is wrong. Wrong? How? By exposing a criminal, Ed King and his extortion business? They need to dream on in delusion and a fortieri grant him Masonic honours for his anti-social and criminal acts. This is what the Freemasonry cult represents; a sinister Order working like a subversive force within society; a force that stands for elitism, cronyism, mendacity and mediocrity. It's working tools are lies, misrepresentation, intimidation, provocation, discredit, innuendo, fallacious logic, and extortion. It requires ignorance and secrecy to exist.

We congratulate Mike Restivo on his ability to use verbal bombast. If only his grip on reality could enable him to use logic as well....


At this point, Mike has shifted into a repost of some earlier correspondence. Again, the absence of logic is self-evident.

> > Dirty Ed King in his neurotic anti-Restivo hate used and abused children
> > in his idiotic attacks upon Restivo by violating the trust that children
> > must have in accepting that no mason would post pornography to them.

To which I replied: 

> You're accusing me of child abuse now, Mike? You're getting DANGEROUSLY
>  close to a visit from the RCMP. You'd better back away from that one DAMN
>  quickly. I mean this.

Shut up you pervert. Go get your crooked masonic goons. I'll have them charged with whatever I can against them. Here, pervert are the facts, which I have posted dozens of times now:

1. You and you along <sic> published a direct link to pornography using and abusing the terms of use of alt.freemasonry.

Mike Restivo's pornography on Mike Restivo's website.

2. You knew that your publishing of pornography would be read by anyone who made a single click on that link to the site at which I placed porn bait to trap anti-Restivo hate masons like you.

It's true that I published the web address. Doing so was intemperate. It should not have been done. I have apologized for doing so.  Mike seems to overlook the fact, however, that it was HIS pornography on HIS website - and I did not publish HIS pornography.

3. you knew that your post containing the link would be archived fro <sic> an indefinite period of time greatly exceeding the nominal scroll off duration of about a day or less.

Reality is, of course, that folks aren't going to go prowling through the Deja News archives of the alt.freemasonry newsgroup looking for references to pornography sites - particularly buried in messages on 'Masonic morality'.  

4. Knowing this and further knowing that their existed a trust that readers would not expect a mason to publish uninvited and unsolicited pornography to them

Again, it was an intemperate move for which apologizes have been offered.  Mike doesn't seem to recognize that - nor has he EVER apologized for creating and placing on the web HIS pornographic writings which were so disgustingly degrading to women.

5. You nevertheless published the porn bait with gross indifference to the public welfare instead serving your own sick ends at trying to discredit Restivo then extort silence from him, acts that would have you charged with several civil and criminal counts were you in Toronto to be prosecuted. You relied upon your distance from prosecution to scoff at the laugh and magnify your victimization of Restivo. 

We would encourage Mike to learn more about the law. A criminal does not need to live in the home town of the victim in order to be prosecuted for a crime. Needless to say, there is no crime here....

To what loathsome end, you used alt.freemasonry as your personal porn publishing gateway and abused the trust that people including children expect that a mason would not publish unwanted porn to them. They were wrong! Mason Ed king indeed abused them and children by inflicting unwanted pornography upon them, unsuspecting and thereby seducing them, especially children, little boys and girls, into reading on trust what the mason had directed them too. But Ed king was leading the innocent and little children into the satisfaction of his hate lust against Restivo and cared nothing about the effects upon the innocent that his sickness may have produced.  Ed King cared nothing for the sensitivities of children and grossly exposed them to pornography.

Mike's hyperbole notwithstanding, he seems to want praise for removing the porn which HE wrote and which HE placed on HIS website. Awfully ironic, isn't it?

You, Ed king have indeed abused many people, including children with your anti-social professional hate business and your sick need to expose them to porn in alt.freemasonry.

Mike wrote pornography, posted it to a website and then wants to blame others for exposure to it. Strange, isn't it?

6. Restivo and Restivo alone stopped your insane activities and would charge you if you were within the reach of prosecution.  Your perversion and your social hate will never be hidden from the public, no matter how many of your masonic goons try to threaten me.


Mike Restivo

And, of course, no one has ever threatened Mike in any way, manner, shape or form - except in his vivid imagination.

Subsequently after the spamming of the prior material at least 33 times, Mike spammed the newsgroup with the following in excess of 20 times.  The charges are pretty repetitive so we'll just let Mike rant on here. We told him we'd make this available and here it is.... 

As long as hate mason Eugene Goldman spams his libel against me, I'll respond with the facts which prove him and his hate grand lodge to be subversive liars.

That you need to crush the victim rather than stop the cult mason perpetrator is but another proof of the anti-social and anti-law nature of masons and their cult. That their professional hate business is ipso facto plotting against the Church of Rome needs to be concealed by the mason cult. 

What annoys cult masons is not any spamming, for my posts can be filtered out easily. What they need to conceal is how subversive their cult really is and hide the cowardice of the cult. 

Hate mason Goldman has the approval of all cult masons to libel his targets at will; this same cult mason Goldman who repeatedly intervened and played defence for neo-nazi Wagner, against the anti-nazi refutation that Restivo and only Restivo gave. He was aided in his foul schemes by Ed King who after being publicly refuted with repeated reposts of the lengthy Biblical refutation needs to promote his lies to masons who need to believe them to sustain their neuroses. Eugene Goldman repeatedly advocated his approval for the nazi gold extraction program to take the gold from the teeth of Holocaust victims. His odious advocacy indeed to steal wealth from the rich, except himself is all archived in Google. 

It does not enter the seared minds of cult masons just why the anti-masonic schemes as I have given them could transpire. Submissive masons need to blind themselves o the fact of their masters' anti-masonry and predatory tactics common to mind control cults.

Cult mason Goldman needs to conceal the fact that I created porn bait for the sole purpose to trap one of his gang of hate masons. The content of my private life and private correspondence, are not for public consumption, although Goldman and his gang love to fantasize about Restivo's sex life in all manner of false ways, drawing their masonic cult brothers into their hallucinatory fantasies.

I was successful in trapping his partner in masonic anti-Restivo hate, sanctioned by the Grand Lodge of California for years. Goldman is annoyed that I exposed his pervert pal who published the porn bait for the edification of children directly on the internet through alt.freemasonry, without any complaint from the fellow cult masons ho habitually nest there.

The porn was a necessary bait to perform a social good by flushing out the criminal and perverted schemes of his buddy Ed King of the Grand Lodge of Maine.  Eugene Goldman and Ed King are in the anti-Restivo hate business supported by their respective Grand Lodges. If they were within the legal vicinity of Toronto Ontario, I would sue them both for libel, repeatedly. They spew their hate masonry out of cowardice and out of reach of the law, for now.

In dozens of responses we've written to Mike Restivo relative to the locus of suit, we have made it VERY clear that an illegal act is an illegal act regardless of where it is committed. (Needless to say, we don't believe that we've done anything in any way illegal, immoral or fattening!)  In other posts to the alt.freeamasonry newsgroup, Mike has used the excuse that he could not pursue legal action due to lack of funds. 

First it's lack of funds, then it's lack of evidence (which we'd think he now has as a result of his entrapment scheme) and then it's because we don't live in his home town.  Wonder what he'll think of as his next excuse for not pursuing legal action....???  Perhaps it'll be the rant that the courts are manipulated by Masons or maybe he'll fall back on the concept he once raised that 'revenge is a dish best savored cold' - although we have reminded him that 'justice delayed is justice denied'! Maybe it'll be because we don't live on his block or that it's now too late.... 

In light of Mike's lament that he cannot sue due to our absence from Toronto, we have written at least two dozen messages encouraging him to contact the Legal Aid Society in his hometown of Toronto, Canada.  We have provided the web address for him multiple times and have strongly encouraged him to take his pornography to show them in order to help explain what he did. Perhaps he will....

We promised Mike we'd put his whines here - and now we have!




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