I'm Mike - WELCOME!!!

Mike's Pals

You mean he has friends?

Through the many years of Mike's online posting, only one individual has appeared to gain his support and has shown reciprocal caring. Roy Jose Lorr appeared in the alt.freemasonry newsgroup in January 2002 and although his extraordinarily unique religious views seem completely opposite what would be expected of a self-identified evangelical Roman Catholic, they have found it convenient to write messages to support each other.

A couple of quotes from Mr. Lorr's writings should be sufficient to explain why he and Mike appear as 'soul mates':

"Poor mason hooker trash... shot load... emptied sack... lost argument... whine pule kick... crap panties... ROTFL"

"Of course, I should have known. You're a Jew hating necrophiliac." - and in the same post - "If you think my provider is going to back you up, feel free to proceed, you corpse loving, Jew hating piece of sh-t."

"What you admitted publicly is that you have psychotic sh-t for brains. Ziggy, help this sadistic sicko."

"99% of my experience in this ng is with cheap whores."

It should also be noted that Mr. Lorr's recorded history of newsgroup postings as of the end of May, 2002 appears to have had some 7300+ posts in which he is referring to others as "Jew Hater". Mike Restivo's proud history of fighting anti-Semitism, it would seem, makes Mr. Lorr seem very attractive to him.


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