Kill File

The language of newsgroups is quickly learned. A 'kill file' is used by a newsreader program to filter certain phrases or identities from being seen by the user. Particularly on newsgroups where contentions can exist, reference to a 'kill file' appears regularly.

Here is a remarkable example of Mike arguing that the words 'kill file' are inappropriate. 

On 05/05/1999, 09:52:10, Mike Restivo - using the address of  <> wrote (regarding Re: Freemasonry and Religion 2): <<Written like a true cultist. Has it entered your seared conscience that your routine has been done before and by better propagandists? No it has not. Get this wise guy; if you had a case to make you would make it, but it is much easier to pass gas in Ad Hominem drivel. Just file kill me, you can't handle the Truth. >> 

Mason Bob James replied: <<That would be "kill file", Mike. You got it backwards. But then, that seems to be the trend, here, with you.>>

To which Mike responded: <<You construct your verbs your way. "file kill" is a synonym for the verb "to delete". A "kill-file" is a noun. Need more English lessons; go back to grade school. Here's a hint wise guy: I regularly flush out predators and enforcer Mason goons using this method. A wise guy thinks he knows something and tries to equate a typo with discredit of his antagonist's credibility and/or case. Atemped and failed almost daily. Just how deep a rut do you like to dig? Are you so flawed a craftsman that you will continue to use the wrong tool for the task a hand? Yes you are, for you're a fanatic. That is my advantage over you; knowledge of the error and predictability with which you and your online predators operate.

Did Mike really not understand the common phrase "kill file"? Of course not! He just wanted to argue....

A search of Google reveals instances of him using the words properly and in context up to two years prior to that May, 1999 message - as well as on the very next day!

So why argue? Ask Mike....  





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