All Restivo - All The Time

Yes, folks: it's the site that you've wanted:
Mike Restivo - complete and uncensored!

You wanted it - and he begged for it!
Here it is!  

What's new?
Certainly NOT the ranting
of the Martyr Mike..

We felt it prudent to move our content which clearly documents the egregious behavior of this self-proclaimed evangelical Roman Catholic/Martinist and rabid anti-Mason to a separate location in order to keep our main site - Anti-Masonry: Points of View @ - free from the sexual innuendo and adult material which has become such a staple of Mike's behavior of late.

Pick a story from the drop-down box on the left: you'll howl as you read (or re-read) the hilarious claims and excuses of "Sar Pornographis". If you just want a chuckle and only have a minute or so to spare, use the drop-down box on the right.

We'll be adding to this site as the Restivo behavior becomes more and more egregious! 

Please note: Any similarity between any person living or dead, dominant or submissive, living in a cellar, and/or collecting welfare while writing pornography is simply coincidental! 

and more
coming soon!




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