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Our friend Mike was once a computer software writer and created a company which sold a program to control the pouring (and consequent loss potential) involved in alcohol sales. Most folks logically assume that anyone involved in such activities would know about the internet. That assumption appears incorrect when Mike Restivo is involved though and we'll provide examples below. 

When one considers Mike's attempt to explain why he decided to entrap Masons with sado-masochistic pornography, one need only look at some of the many gaps in his knowledge to conclude that there is very little chance he could have created such a complex scheme requiring a piece of web management knowledge that many web creators do not have.

Consider his own website: until the summer of 2002, it was in a totally deplorable shape. SO many of his pages were improperly formatted and contained little if any sensible navigation. He did not bother to re-format line lengths but simply copied messages from his mail program. Did he know how to do it earlier? We seriously doubt it - or he would have. And his site rework seems to have been prompted by our comments on the alt.freemasonry newsgroup about his technical incompetence.

Does it seem reasonable that someone who didn't understand basic HTML commands would be capable of understanding the purpose of an index.html file which he claims he deliberately removed in order to establish this 'trap'?

What about the conflicting claims of how long the filth was on the web available to the public?

What about the consistent and repeated claims that others were purveyors of filth, constantly ignoring the fact that this was material he created himself?

We'll elaborate on these items here soon....




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