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Mike has regularly posted newsgroup messages which portrayed himself as being (what we perceived as) more righteous than others. At one point, we commented that Mike's business involving liquor control might be deemed by a number of people as being somewhat less than desirable. Mike took great umbrage at the characterization and proceeded to berate us while providing an exhaustive record of his amazing accomplishments. Here's what he wrote:  

Not content with lolling in the gutter of calumny, Mr. King seeks to dig himself deeper into a rancourous rut. I design and sell back office restaurant management software which tracks the dispensation of all beverages, both alocholic and non-alcoholic. Additionally all sales items are tracked for inventory versus sales variance cash control purposes, including food and hard goods. I also designed and sell the client server point of sale system which is the front-end of a restaurant's cash control/inventory system. Mr. King, indifferent to his lack of knowledge of my products, or myself, floats the innuendo that my software would cause "distress to some", in his words. The back office software reports the discrepancies between what was served and what was paid. No one would want a restaurant owner to supply a patron with more liquor or food than that for which the patron was willing to pay. Furthermore, who wants to deny the restaurateur the ability to determine if employees are stealing from him or her or the customer? A beverage dispensing system, POS system and accounting application inventory module are the three principal management components of a modern high volume licenced restaurant. The only individals that should be distressed are thieves. Does Mr. King favour the rip-off of restaurant owners or boycott of restaurateurs for using these cash control and inventory control methods? Is he in favour of free flowing liquor sans pour control?

As always, however, there's a bit more than meets the eye. When one looks at Mike's very own description of his product on HIS website, it was FAR different and far more simplified than the exhaustive major-league program he described above. Read it for yourself and you decide if we didn't correctly conclude that his software was specifically dealing with beverages and not, as Mike now asserts, "...all sales items...including food and hard goods."  It is, we feel, just another example of the Restivo self-glorification program used simultaneously to berate Masons.  

It appears that within two years of Mike's message above that his was defunct and he had begun attending college while collecting welfare assistance. Source here.


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