Always Arguing

"Never assume anything, nor trust anyone."
Mike Restivo - from the quotes on his computer software website

We've often thought that Mike would argue with anyone anytime, just for the sheer delight of arguing. It's more, though: it's clearly egotism and (yes, here it is again) his game of domination that drives him to constantly belittle and demean - so often when it's contrived.

His rhetoric in these situations is always bombastic and seems to portray the constant theme of domination and submission, something Mike writes about a LOT!

We've given some examples of Mike's contrived arguments. Decide for yourself what the purpose of this really is....

Kill File - Would you believe that a supposed computer expert would suggest it should be "file kill"? Only if it's Mike Restivo arguing with a Mason! 

More to come - for sure!    





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