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Not a fancy interface, but maybe you'll find something useful here. Or not.


Links to ukulele-related music sites and sites with information on uke construction. Mostly for my own reference.


Photos of things I've made out of wood. Generally done without large power tools, although there is a fair amount of scroll saw work. Lots of photos, but hopefully they won't slow down the page loading too much.

Board Game Info for the Colorblind

An outdated reference table, and some tips.

Fountain Pens

My opinions on some of the pens I own and use. These are not generally for sale, and I don't spend a bunch of money on individual pens. All of them work, with maybe one or two exceptions. If the images look dark, it's because you're on a Wintel box and I did the graphics work on a Mac. It's just the way it is. There are a fair number of scans and photos on these pages, so they may load slowly.

San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway

Some information about the prototype, and a bit more on the HO scale layout I am building based on the SAAP. This goes to a submenu of sorts, and I didn't change it because there are external links to these pages that I don't want to break.

Other Stuff

Links that don't fit in any other category.

The Ratte on a Sticke Archives

Well, if you read all the way to here, you've got nothing better to do, so you might as well look at some garbage I spewed forth for a (now virtually defunct) apazine called Elanor. These MS-Word documents should open in a new window. I thought about making them pdf files, but they take up less space this way. Please don't change the contents or distrubute them.

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Why "Ratte on a Sticke"? It came from here.

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