Somewhat Useful Ukulele Construction Links

Mostly for my own use, but maybe you can find something here to interest you. Info on building ukuleles, on a small-shop or hobby level.

Slumco - Of course I put my own link first.

'Ukuleles (construction) - looks like step by step documentation of someone's class.

Homemade Ukulele - just one page of a Martin copy, but some decent info.

Ukulele Supply of Hawaii - parts, kits.

Welcome to Hana Lima 'Ia - parts, kits, plans, classes.

Yuh-ya's guitar-Making of ukulele - Japanese step-by-step with photos. Looks pretty good.

Kawika's Site Map - lots of good stuff about good ukes.

Musical Instrument Maker's Forum - some plans, good forum.

Guild of American Luthiers - including Martin tenor uke plan.

Stewart-MacDonald - lutherie supplies.

Luthiers Mercantile International - more lutherie supplies.

Allied Lutherie - even more lutherie supplies.

Grizzly Industrial, Inc. - still more lutherie supplies, mostly tools.

Intl Luthiers Supply - tools, parts, wood.

Steve Miklos - info (with photos) on dulcimer and guitar building.

How to make your own electric bending iron. Don't pay that much for a dimmer switch - I got a 600W model for about six bucks.

Kathy Matsushita's Amateur Luthier site. Good stuff here. Mostly guitars, but she's also done a concert uke.

Al McWhorter has built a concert uke as well. He offers a CD describing its construction on his site.

Thomas Snape's soprano uke construction.

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Last updated 24 August 2005