Sheaffer Pen Timeline

This page is intended to serve as a rough guide to dating Sheaffer pens. It is not by any means authoritative, but gathers information from several different sources into a single location.

Some of those sources are: Sheaffer's website, David Nishimura's Vintage Pens, the Sheaffer Pens Yahoo group, Pendemonium, Stylophiles, Enter-net Pen Auction, and articles from the PCA publication The Pennant.

If any of the information here is inaccurate, or if you have additional data, please let me know via e-mail. My address is mashelley at earthlink dot net.

Unless otherwise noted, dates are that of introduction.

1912 Company Founded
1922 Skrip
1922-24 Radite (celluloid) caps and barrels
1924 White Dot
ca. 1925 hard rubber pens discontinued
1925 Black, Jade flattops
1928-1929 Balance Lifetime introduced (black, jade, black and pearl)
1927-29 long humped ball clip
1930 Marine Green marble
1931 Autograph (wide 14k band)
1931 two-tone Feathertouch nib
1931 red-veined grey pearl
1932-33 shorter humped ball clip
ca. 1934 Black Mother-of-Pearl
1934-35 humped flattened ball clip
1934 WASP pen
1934-1935 Vac-Fil (plunger)
1936 striped Radite (brown, grey, Roseglow)
1936 streamlined clip
1936 transparent section
1938 Marine Green striped Radite
1939 Carmine striped Radite
1939 original Crest (metal cap)
1941 over-the-top military clip
ca. 1941 Tuckaway
1942 Triumph nib
ca. 1945 spring-type clip
1948 Fortical (injection molded) caps and barrels
1949 Touchdown
1952 Snorkel
1955 cartridge filling pens
1959 Inlaid nib
1959-ca. 1963 PFM
1963-ca. 2000 Imperial
1976-1994 Targa
1991-ca. 2000 Crest
1990s Legacy, Prelude
1997 purchased by Bic
1998 Balance II
2000 Intrigue
2001 Deltagrip, Javelin
2002 Skrip reformulated
2002 colored single-ended cartridges
2002 Agio women's pen
? Lady Sheaffer / Skripsert
? Fashion

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Last updated 18 Feb 2003