Modeling The San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway

My HO-scale layout (which, like all layouts, is continually under construction) is intended to represent part of Shiner, TX in approximately 1922, before the SP merger. The track plan is a continuous loop, concentrating on switching with a staging yard. Approximate dimensions are 9-1/2 ft by 7-1/2 ft. Shelf width of the completed portion is 18 to 24 inches.

I belong to the Katy Model Railroad Club. They no longer have a website. That's Katy, TX, not the railroad. Although the town was named for the road, so it's the same thing anyway.

Pages in this section of the site:

Locomotives - What is historically correct, and what I use.

Construction - Benchwork, wiring, and stuff like that.

Scenery - Dirt, trees, buildings, and paint.

Controls - Very small bit of info on the Lenz system I use, and how I operate. Includes an MS-Excel spreadsheet for generating switchlists.

Available Models - The few off-the-shelf items that were made, and some decal sources.

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Last updated 06 October 2005