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Company History Photos of the Kato family grocery store.

For seven decades the Marutama Fish Cake Company has been producing the highest quality Kamaboko. It all began in Fresno, California, 1932, with Mr. and Mrs. Tamaichi Yoshiwa, founders of the company. The Marutama logo became a very familiar sight in the San Joaquin Valley. In those early days, fresh Barracuda was imported from San Diego and San Pedro.

After the Second World War ended, the Marutama Company and the Yoshiwa family relocated to Los Angeles. Mr. Yoshiwa passed away in 1948 where upon his two stepsons, Kazuo and Ray Kato, assumed leadership of the operation along with their mother.

Today they produce dozens of different Kamaboko products including, Tenpura (fried Kamaboko, also known as Satsuma Age), and Chikuwa (broiled Kamaboko shaped like a cylinder and made to resemble bamboo).

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