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Upgrading Earlier TLC systems
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TLC Economy & Legacy System Upgrade Opportunity

If you are a previous user of ITC's TLC Economy products (Microtoolware, Toolware, Limited TLC, TLC PC, TLC-K or Gageware) or of TLC Legacy Products Revisions 2.4.0 to 2.7.0 (ToolwareDeluxe, TLC Organizer or TLC Professional), please call 919-607-1010 or E-mail me about our Special Upgrade.

Call today for details or an E-mail of the various upgrade paths.
You may have received these system many years ago from ITC (TLC), Kennametal (TLM or ToolPro) or from a SME Class (Microtoolware, Toolware or Limited TLC) so call today to determine if you qualify.

Existing Economy & TLC/TLM Legacy customers—Upgrade those older systems, move to a newer computer platform, enhance the old tool management system with an upgrade TLC32 Professional.

The Offer: If you have the following ITC or Kennametal products you may upgrade:

Toolware or TLM/R to:  TLC32 Professional Free

TLC, TLC Organizer, TLM Deluxe to: TLC32 Professional Free

TLC Professional or TLM Deluxe Plus to: TLC32 Professional Free

For $50 for TLC32 Professional shipped on CD.. Yes, these products do run multiple users, multi-tasking with databases on the server or multiple databases on multiple servers. TLC has always been capable of multi-user multi-tasking functionality. It was originally designed for operation with UNIX O/S’s in 1980.

Any upgrade from TLC/TLM Legacy to TLC32 will require a minor database reformat. On an error free database, this will take about 20 minutes. ITC will convert your existing database for a limited time for $250.

Not a TLC Customer?? But want  TLC32 Professional System.

—here is an offer:

TLC32 Professional - FREE Download Here

IF you have trouble running the download send an email to and request assistance.

Concerns about upgrading to TLC32

. What ITC product would be the least trouble to switch my current database over?
Answer -Any TLC32 product. If you are currently using the TLC Legacy version. Upgrading to TLC32 will also bring you up to Revision Level 2.7.2 and add New Command Screens to the look and feel. TLC32 will operate the same as your Legacy version while adding new screen controls.
2. Will it be multi-user?
Answer - YES. It will provide the same number of users you have now.
3. What is involved in moving the tool database? P.S. Detailed Explanations are in previous Blogs posted to this site.
Answer - First, error check all your tool database files with the TLCFIX or FILEFIX utility on your system. If you have no errors, pick the FILEDUMP utility and dump each file in the database to a TXT file. For example, dump the toolid.IDX & .DAT file to a file named TOOLIDS.TXT. Move those (.TXT) files to your Windows network and use the FILELOAD Utility in your new TLC32 software to load the tool database. You will have all the information from your Legacy system now available in the TLC32 system
4. What is the upgrade cost for the TLC32 product.
Answer - Depending on TLC32 product -$450 plus $45 per additional users. You might want to consider unlimited users or a site license - $750 for current customers.
5. Before we upgrade is there a trial version we can test with?
Answer - YES. To test against your current working tool database you must complete the conversion as explained in ANSWER 3 above.
Any TLC Legacy tool management product can be upgraded to the new TLC32 version. The TLC Legacy database will easily upgrade to TLC32 database format.
If you are contemplating trading your TLC Legacy product in for TLC32 product, your database can be converted to the TLC32 format easily in about 20 minutes. However, ITC will do it for you for $250.

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