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Our Pudg'gee Ann Linehan, SH

It all began in the early 1980's when my husband wanted a hunting dog and I wanted a cocker spaniel.  After much research, I finally convinced my husband that a cocker spaniel, similar to cockers from the 1950's and 1960's, would be a great bird hunting dog.

We found just such a cocker pup, who showed a keen interest in a quail's wing.  This pup became ours and was named Pudg'gee Ann Linehan.  She was and is the heart and soul of our line

Pudg'gee proved to an awesome hunting companion and a wonderful and loving companion for our family.  She blessed us with 2 litters and is responsible for our wonderful line of field bred American Cocker Spaniels.

From Pudg'gee Ann, we developed a line of cocker spaniels that are excellent bird hunting dogs as well as loving companions for the home.  Four of our cockers have earned AKC Master Hunting titles.

Our cockers love to hunt pheasant, ducks, quail, chukar and doves.  When they are out in the field, they are all business and when they return home, they are loving companions, ready to give and receive lots of love.

I hope you enjoy our website and the beauty and versatility of the old fashion hunting American Cocker.

Bob and Marsha Linehan