In memory of Bette Marschall, who was a respected elementary-school teacher and  principal in the Westerville City Schools for nearly twenty years, from the early 1970’s through 1990, her family and friends have established  The Bette Marschall Memorial Education Fund of the Columbus FoundationThe Fund is being used to make monetary grants available to Westerville teachers, students, administrators, and  non-teaching staff,  both primary and secondary, to achieve worthy goals in one or more of the areas of Bette’s interests.


In Bette’s education career, she worked to achieve improvements in the education  process in  several areas, including:


             Bette’s Special Interest Areas

·         Counseling and guidance of students

·         Development of integrated curricula and interdisciplinary studies

·         Promotion of diversity and tolerance in schools and society

·         Promotion of conflict resolution

·         Promotion of interest in the arts

·         Development of creative talents

·         Development of environmental awareness

·         Promotion of international and global studies

·         Staff development:

-         Team building

-         Improved teacher/administrator relations


A partial list of activities appropriate for receiving monetary grants from The Fund includes, but is not limited to:

        -         attending training workshops

-         bringing selected visitors into schools

-         buying classroom or library books for specific projects

-         buying materials and supplies for specific projects

-         organizing workshops

-         paying travel expenses in connection with specific projects

-         awarding cash prizes for outstanding student accomplishments

-         subsidizing tuition for teachers/administrators continuing their education (money to be awarded after successful course completion)


Grantees will submit a brief written report (example) following completion of the project, summarizing the work accomplished and indicating the degree of success in meeting project objectives.  Reports for tuition awards will include the course taken and the course grade.


Two-page Application for Funding forms for grants are available only on this website.  Brevity is encouraged; two-page applications are preferred, with a four-page maximum.  Completed forms may be submitted by e-mail to, as an attachment. 


A selection committee will meet twice annually, at the beginning of May and the end of October, to decide on the awarding of grants.  Submission deadlines are April 22, 2016  and October 21, 2016.  It is expected that about $3000 will be available for grants to be awarded this spring. The maximum award to subsidize tuition will be $250; other grants will be for amounts up to $500, although requests smaller than $500 are encouraged to maximize the number of grants that can be awarded.


Students, as well as adult staff, are encouraged to apply for grants as Project Leaders. However, student applicants will require the signature and approval of an appropriate adult staff member.


If you have questions about The Fund, please contact Trina Marschall at


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