Paint Shed Re-skins

Please NOTE: These were made with the UTC version of Paint Shed.

They may not work if you don't have v1.5 installed!!

LISCENSE: Don't sell 'em.

Click on any or all of the thumbnails below to download the item. Enjoy!

            SP HydraCushion                         SSW HydraCushion                             Rio Grande


         ATSF ShockControl                          ShockControl - open                    Golden West Hopper


                ATSF Boxcar                                 CNW Boxcar                     Southern Pacific Fruit Express


             Southern #34034                              Southern #34030                                UP Boxcar


                SP - GP38                                          PTRA - SW7                    PTRA - 75th Anniversary Logo


                Budweiser                                          Bud Light                                Michelob


          Cotton Belt Hopper                              MKT Hopper                          Rice Farmers Hopper


          3M Tanker                              Washington Fruit Express


Houston Railz Project