Englewood Yards

Phase One of the Houston Railz Project

Each of the 33 screenshots below will open into a new page. When you're done here, visit the "Houston Railz" link above and/or download the layout. Enjoy!

Download the layout

                overview                                          mapview                                classification area


                    lost?                                       which switch                                     why?


                new tanks                                          old tanks                                busy spot


                helpers                                          sw7 tries                                southend


                maintenance                                          fill 'er up                                top of the heap


Northeast Industrial Area.

                entrance                                          problems                                pay attention!


                antifreeze                                          finally                                30 cars delivered


North Industrial Area.

                clear on main                                          lotsa trees                                change ends


                no smoking!                                  whole lotta empties                            Acme Gravel


South Industrial Area.

                south ind area                                          chemicals                                sugar


                lumber                                      tractor company                                    unique