The Houston Railz Project

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This project is just getting started, and I fully expect it will take years to complete.

The ultimate goal will be to build the entire rail system of the city of Houston, Texas in Trainz.

Since this will include the second largest port facility in the United States, two major and half a dozen minor rail yards, and a light rail system currently in the planning stage, the final version would be more than present day PC's could run with respectable frame rates. With the speed of advance in computers, however, I expect that problem to resolve itself long before the project is completed.

With 14 lines coming into the city, when multi-player becomes available I can imagine several players "working" the yards and port while others run trains into/out of town.

P.S. to Auran : Will multi-player allow 1 "central" layout with each player "connecting" his/her own favorite to one of the exit points?

Thanks to J Sandifer for this excellent map.

Completed Sections

Englewood Yards

East Houston

Work in progress

Port of Houston

Future Sections

Settegast Yards

Hardy Street Shops