Moritz Rosenthal: Ampico Piano Rolls

All of Rosenthal's piano rolls - with the exception of the "Harmonious Blacksmith" - were reissued on LP on L'Oiseau-Lyre 414 098-1. It's probable that most of them have been reissued on CD as well. Most of the information below comes from Larry Sitsky's "The Classical Reproducing Piano Roll," published by Greenwood Press, and is used with Professor Sitsky's permission.

The date format for issue is year/month. This gives only a general idea of the recording date, however, since it was not that unusual for years to elapse between the initial recording of the roll and its issue.

 Composer  Piece  Catalogue #  Pub. date
 Albeniz  Cantos de Espana, Op. 232, #2: Orientale  69701H  1929/03
 Bortkiewicz  Etude, Op. 15 #8  67133H  1927/02
 Chopin  Etude, Op. 25 #06 (Thirds)  62961H  1924/04
 Chopin  Waltz #05, Op. 42  64123H  1925/03
 Chopin - Liszt  Chants polonaises, S. 480, #5: "My Joys"  66603H  1926/10
 Handel  "The Harmonious Blacksmith," HWV 430, #4  71673  1931?
 Mendelssohn  Lieder ohne Worte, Book 1, Op. 19, #1  67771H  1927/07
 Mendelssohn  Lieder ohne Worte, Book 5, Op. 62, #6: Spring Song  67431H  1927/04
 Rosenthal  Papillons  63831H  1924/12
 Rosenthal  Prelude  64551H  1925/05
 Rubinstein  Valse Caprice  70553  1930/03
 Strauss, J - Rosenthal  Carneval de Vienne  65313H  1925/12

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