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By day (and often, by night), I write on classical music, theater, visual art, dance and (once, anyway) jazz for the Colorado Springs Gazette. My pieces usually appear in the Go! section on Fridays; more often than not, art stories also appear in the Sunday Lifestyle section. I've also written for the Colorado College alumni magazine, had an article on Prokofiev's piano playing published in the Three Oranges Journal, and had an article on 19th-century piano playing published in the Friends of Gunnar Johansen Newsletter, published by Sikesdi Press. (See link to article below.) A couple of times a year I get a chance to speak about music- or, better yet, play piano and speak about music- at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.


Here are some samples in score from the musical, "All About Love." I've also written songs, jingles, a string quartet and incidental music for numerous plays. I was trained in the dodecaphonic '70s, but I like music that's hummable, which may account for my eclecticism. (My resume contains a more extensive listing of musical activities.) Lauren and I are currently working on a new musical, "Iron & Gold," about railroads, robber barons, and labor strife in 19th Century America. Six of the projected 22 songs have been completed and performed at Colorado College.


I've been interested in 19th-century piano performance since I was in high school. Among the fruits are a number of essays on the subject (and an unfinished book, currently in progress with Gordon Rumson). Everything in my collection - and a fair amount that isn't - is catalogued in three relational databases (devoted to performances, pianists, and repertoire) that allow information to be sorted by some 40 criteria. The database currently catalogs over 12,500 performances by over 500 pianists, some 350 of whom were born in the 19th century. This is far from complete, so I invite collectors and pianists to email me. I'll also gladly answer questions, providing I feel like it - which I generally do.

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