Alexander Lambert, George Liebling, Bernhard Stavenhagen, Giovanni Sgambati, Alexander Siloti: Discographies

Methuen-Campbell writes that "it is likely that Lambert was the accompanist on other disks." I do not know whether his disk with Zimbalist has been reissued, though it may well have made it to a compilation of the violinist's recordings. Liebling's single record has been reissued on IPAM 1206, available directly from the University of Maryland on a two-CD set called "A Multitude of Pianists" (click here for more information from U of M's website). Sgambati was only identified as the pianist on G&T G.C. 58000 in 2004. As of late 2004, there are plans- but no definite timetable - for reissuing this disk. Stavenhagen's disk has never been reissued on LP or CD, and is probably lost. Short fragments of Siloti have been issued on LP and CD.

Pianist  Composer  Piece  Orig. Issue / Matrix  Date
 Lambert  Handel  Larghetto (probably Handel-Hubay Andante from Sonata #9 in B minor; with Efrem Zimbalist, violin)  Victor 64335, Victor 883 / unknown  1915 (c)
 Liebling  Chopin  Prelude, Op. 28 #7  Parlophone P 1763 / 2-6989  1920
 Liebling  Chopin  Waltz in D-flat ("Minute"), Op. 64 #1  Parlophone P 1763 / 2-6989  1920
 Liebling  Liszt  Grandes etudes apres Paganini, S. 141, #3: La campanella  Parlophone P 1763 / 2-6992  1920
Sgambati Dvorak Excerpt from "Dumky" Trio (with string players) G&T (no copy known to exist) 1908
Sgambati Sgambati Barcarola from Piano Quintet, Op. 5 (with string players) G&T G.C. 58000, matrix 111986b 1908
 Stavenhagen  Chopin  Nocturne in D-flat, Op. 27 #2  Pathe "Etched-label" 3  acoustic disk, date unknown

 According to Methuen-Campbell, Siloti made test pressings for a major record company in the USA. These and a brief film of Siloti playing may or may not survive. There are also some private recordings made in the 1930s. According to Randy Herr, there are approximately 28 minutes of Siloti home recordings.

 Pearl GEMM CD 9993 contains 3:40 of these fragments, including the beginning of Liszt's "Un Sospiro" (S. 144, # 3), themes from Gounod's "Faust" and Rachmaninoff's Suite for Two Pianos, Op. 17, and a bit of Liszt's 12th Hungarian Rhapsody. There's also a Pavilion LP (that I've never run across) called "The Lost Recordings of Alexander Siloti," which may contain further Siloti fragments.

For more information on "Lost in the Stars: The Forgotten Musical Life of Alexander Siloti," by Charles Barber, visit the Siloti website at

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