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The Secret Diary of Laura PalmerThe Autobiography of Dale Cooper

Several Twin Peaks releated books were published during the hight of the show's popularity. Here are some of the best ones with my notes about them. Some of the books are currently out of print but if you e-mail Bruce Phillips, Twin Peaks collector extrodinare, he usually has all of them in stock.
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The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

as seen by Jennifer Lynch

ISBN no. 0-671-73590-X

Published by Pocket Books, 1990

Status: Out of Print

This is a very dark and disturbing look into Laura's day to day life. It sometimes contradicts the movie, which was made after the novel was written, but the characterizations and the slow manifestation of BOB into Laura's life is moving and gripping. Jennifer Lynch has written a novel that could stand on it's own and one which has opened up new debate amoungst Twin Peaks fans about the nature of BOB and who Laura really was. Highly Recommended.

The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper - My Life, My Tapes

as heard by Scott Frost

ISBN no. 0-671-74400-3 (the book)

ISBN no. 0-671-73573-X (the audio tape)

Published by Pocket Books, 1991

Status: Both are Out of Print

Starting at age 13 with the gift of his first tape recorder, Dale Cooper has recorded his entire life. This book provides some wonderful insights into young Dale Cooper (like why he doesn't like birds and where he got his love for coffee) and also details his first encounter with Windom Earle and the events surrounding Earle's dabbling in The Black Lodge. Again, some events here contradict the events of the film, but Scott Frost, a writer for the series, perfectly captures Cooper's quirckyness as well as Kyle MacLachlan's delivery. You may be surprised by how early you can find traces of BOB in Cooper's life as this book forms the foundation of the theory that the events surrounding the possession of Leland Palmer and the destruciton of Laura Palmer are actually designed to bring Cooper to Twin Peaks to serve as an even stronger vessel for BOB to inhabit. Highly Recommended.

This books also has an addendum in the form of an audio tape performed by Kyle MacLachlan which picks up where the book leaves off and conicles his investigations in Twin Peaks and features newly recorded material. MacLachlan recieved a Grammey nomination for his performance.

Welcome to Twin Peaks: Access Guide to the Town

by David Lynch, Mark Frost and Richard Saul Wurman

ISBN no. 0-673-74399-6

Published by Pocket Books, 1991

Status: Out of Print

I suspect that Lynch and Frost had little or nothing to do with this book, other wise it would have been worthwhile. As it stands, this book is very disappointing to fans who might hope for little things like continuity or attention to the established facts of the series. Anyone checking the map will not be able to find the street that Big Ed's Gas Farm is on and the location of the Gazebo, the setting of multiple scenes in the show, is misplaced. There are some interesting bits of information here as well as some silly ones that would never be included in a guide like this one (such as biographies of Dale Cooper and The Log Lady) but most of the guide is made up of fillers.

Full of Secrets: Critical Approaches to Twin Peaks

Edited by David Lavery

ISBN no. 0-8143-2506-8

Published by Wayne State University Press, 1995

Status: In Print

A fantastic collection of essays on Twin Peaks. Very smart, very savy and very comprehenisve.

Wrapped In Plasitc

Edited by Craig Miller and John Thorne

Published by Win-Mill Productions

Status: Still in Publication

This magazine is infamous amoung Twin Peaks fans as being one of the best and most comprehinsive looks at Twin Peaks ever produced. These guys do a fantastic job with interviews, theoretical articles and up to date news and coverage of all things Lynch. Highly Recommended. To order a subscription you can write to:

Win-Mill Productions
Dept. B
P.O. Box 1283
Arlington, TX 76004

Check out their web page at:

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