The Director's Cut

David Lynch likes to shoot a lot of footage. There was even talk of a five hour cut when editor Mary Sweeney first put the film together. And though the film's investors mandated a 2 hour and 25 minute running time (to maximize the number of times the film could be shown per day and therefore sell more tickets) many fans hoped that the laser disc or DVD releases would feature some or all of this new material either reinserted back into the film or in supplamentary material at the end of the film. Unfortunately it did not.
The new material featured appearances by more than 20 of the original cast memebers from the television series as well as additional scenes with characters already present in the final cut. Characters who would have appeared include:

Ed and Nadine Hurley

Doc and Eileen Hayward

Josie Packard

Sheriff Truman

Deputy Hawk

Andy Brennen

Lucy Moran

Ben, Jerry, Sylvia and Johnny Horne

Pete Martell

Major and Betty Briggs

Toad the Trucker

and Doctor Jacoby

There were also additional or extended scenes with Laura, Leland and Sarah Palmer, Donna, Norma Jennings, Shelly Johnson, Agents Desmond and Stanley, Sherrif Cable, Deputy Cliff Howard, Carl Rodd, Agent Cooper, Annie Blackburn, Phillip Jeffries, BOB, The Little Man From Another Place, The Tremonds, Albert Rosenfeld, and Gordon Cole.

Some of the cut scenes include:

A cut sceneA cut scene
The uncut version of the film has never appeared, not even as a bootleg, and from all accounts, including those by Lynch himself, we will never see a restored version. Lynch did have final cut on the film so the version that we have is in fact the "Director's Cut."
There has been a great deal of talk about Lynch putting together the cut scenes as short films, complete with score and sound effects, which would be released some time in the future on a Fire Walk With Me DVD, but the rights are apparently tied up right now and the cut scenes have yet to appear. Lynch is reportedly keen to make these scenes into short films but his hands are tied right now. 

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