From Dusk Till Dawn's

Alternate Ending

CARLOS (to Seth)

What the fuck-'was going on in -' there?

Seth signals Carlos to wait a minute while he catches his breath. Then he hauls off and PUNCHES Carlos square in the kisser. Danny and Manny aim their shotguns at.Seth.

CARLOS (in Spanish)

Whatsamatter with you? Are you crazy?


Why the fuck, outta all the god forsaken shitholes in Mexico, did you have us rendezvous at that place?


I don't know, one place's as good as another


Have you ever been there before?


No, but I passed by it a couple of times. It's out in the middle of nowhere. It seems like a rowdy place, so there wouldn't be a lot of police. And it's open from dusk till dawn. You said meet you in the morning.


Well, because you picked that place out of hat, my brother's dead now. And this girl's family's dead.

Carlos stands up again.


I'm sorry to hear that. What were they, psychos?


Did they look like psychos? They were fuckin' vampires. Psychos don't explode when sunlight hits'em, I don't care how crazy they are.

Danny and Manny react to the vampire news by crossing themselves again.


Oh, Seth, how can I ever make it up to you?


You can't, but fifteen percent instead of thirty for my stay at El Ray is a good start.




Jesus Christ, Carlos, my brother's dead and he's not coming back, and it's all your fault. Twenty.

They look at each other., then shake hands, saying in unison.

SETH AND CARLOS (in Spanish)


SETH (to Kate)

Go to the Winnebago and get my suitcase,

Kate runs off to get the money, leaving Seth, Scott, Carlos, Danny, and Manny together. Carlos offers everyone a fancy imported cigarette. Everybody accepts, Scott included. Manny lights everyone's smoke.


I got a joke for you guys. Little Red Riding Hood is walkin' through the forest and she comes across Little Bo Peep, and Little Bo Peep says: "Little Red Riding Hood, are you crazy? Don't you know the Big Bad Wolf is walking these woods and if he finds you he's gonna pull down your dress and squeeze your titties." Then Little Red Riding Hood hitches up her skirt and taps a .357 Magnum she has holstered on her thigh and says: "No he won't."

As Seth goes on, the sounds goes out for Scott. He can see Seth tell his joke in an animated way, but he can't hear anything. Then, inside his head, he hears Jacob's voice say:



The sound is back on. Seth moves to the punchline. Scott is acting funny, he's hearing voices and is as hot as hell.


Then finallyh she comes across the Big Bad Wolf and the Big Bad Wolf's laughing and says: "Little Red Riding Hood, you know better than to be walking around these woods alone. You know I'm just gonna have to pull down your dress and squeeze your titties." Then Little Red Riding Hood whips out her .357, cocks it, sticks it in the Big Bad Wolf's face and says: "No you won't. You're gonna eat me, just like the story says."

Carlos lets out a hearty laugh.

Danny and Manny laugh like Crazy.

Seth is laughing at his own joke.

Scott turns into a bloodthirsty vampire and knocks Seth out cold, sending him flying over the Mercedes. Then he attacks Carlos, Danny and Manny.


Kate has the suitcase full of money and heads out the door, only to see Scott covered in blood, draining the last drops from Carlos's throat. She lets out a scream. Scott turns, hearing her. His body is beginning to smoke from the destructive effects of the sun. He stands and begins walking toward her. His face is no longer that of innocent youth, but now a twisted incarnation of evil.


No Scott. Not you.


It's about time I became a man.

Kate turns and climbs into the winnebago, slamming the door in her brother's face. Scott pounds at it, then rips it from its hinges. His body billowing smoke, ignites in a ball of flame as he enters the motor home.

The camera travels the length of the vehicles exterior. All the way the camper shakes and rocks. We can hear screaming from within as the camera dollies to the rear of the camper. Just the the windows SMASHES and Kate struggles to climb through, falling with the suitcase to the ground. She scurries away. Suddenly, fire erupts from the windows and the winnebago EXPLODES in a massive fireball.

Kate hobbles over to where Carlos and the others lie, looking around for Seth. She finds him just regaining consciousness behind the car.

SETH (groggy)

Argh...What the fuck hit me?


Are you all right?


Yeah, are you? What happened?

Then from down the road, a slew of Mexican police and Border Patrol cars pull in, skidding to a stop. Officers jump out and position themselves behind their vehicles. From one of the cars emerges Chase, his drawn gun pointing right at Seth.


All right, Gecko. Let the girl and the money go.

Kate looks at Seth, who nods. She picks up the suitcase and walks away as he put his hand into the air.


How'd ya find me?


You fucked up, kidnapping the family, leaving your car at the Dew Drop. It was just a matter of time.

Kate moves over and stands along side one of the officers. Chase motions the Federales to take him prisoner. They move in and begin to cuff him when suddenly, from behind the Mercedes, Carlos, Danny and Manny jump up, scaring the shit out of the officers.

Kate knocks the gun fron the officer's hand and quickly picks it up from the ground, holding him at bay.

The other officers fire at the three amigos, but their guns do nothing as the three approach, their bodies smoking. Seth jumps up and runs toward Kate, who's still holding several officers at gun point. Seth grabs the gun and motions them away from a car.

The officers continue to fire at the vamps. BAM, BAM, BAM! BOOM! Danny explodes. BOOM! Manny explodes. BOOM! Up goes Carlos in a fireball. The officers look at their guns as if they were some sort of super weapons.

Seth and Kate climb in the car, slam the door and start it up. Chase regains his senses and turns, FIRING at the car. Click, click. His guy runs out of bullets.

Seth shoots out the tires on the other cars.

SETH (to Chase)

Better luck next time, asshole.

VARROOMM! He guns the engine and hits the siren. The car rips out, spitting dirt as it zips down the road.





Thanks for the hand back there. Why'd you do it?


I don't know.


You could have gone with them, they'd have taken you back home.


I don't have a home now.


What about family?


You're my family now.

Kate turns to Seth, they both laugh maniacally.


The car speeds down the road and into the distance.


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