The Screenplay

The following are links to two versions of the shooting script and watch out, both are pretty hefty memory eaters, but they're worth it. These are not transcripts, but actual drafts of the shooting script in various stages, so there are some interesting variations from the final cut of the film. Tarantino's descriptions of action, such as "All hell breaks loose," are priceless. 
Click Here for The Screenplay
Special Thanks to Kale Whorton for the script and Drew's Script-O-Rama for the reference!
Click Here for an Alternate Ending
This is an alternate version of the ending by Tarantino in which Scott makes it out alive,
Carlos and his boys become vampires and Seth and Kate do not part company.
Personally, I prefer the way it is in the film, but this is still interesting reading.
Special thanks to Cinemascape Magazine and Kale Whorton for the Alternate Version!

The book of the film, which contains the screenplay, can also be purchased from Miramax Books or ordered from
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