Laser Disc Jacket

The Laser Disc

The From Dusk Till Dawn laser disc is available in two formats. The first is simply a disc of the film presented in Widescreen format and Surround Sound. The second is an EXCLUSIVE DIRECTOR'S EDITION. The Director's Edition is distinguished by a grey colored tag at the top of the package rather than the red one you see above.

Special Features of The Exculsive Directors Edition:

Running Time: 108 minutes for the film
95 minutes for the bonus programing.

I highly recommend this disc for any fan of the film. It's exhaustive in it's coverage, but you'll be satisfied. The quality of both picture and sound are as good as a THX certified disc and the extra features are not hastely put together like many other discs I've seen.

A scene from the ZZ Top video.A scene from the ZZ Top video.

Two shots of Hayek and Clooney from the ZZ Top video.

Robert Rodriguez directing the ZZ Top video

Robert Rodriguez directing ZZ Top in the"She's Just Killng Me" Video.

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