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The From Dusk Till Dawn DVD was released on 6/16/98. The disc features Interactive Menus, the Theatrical Trailer, the Teaser Trailer, Chapter Search, Spanish subtitle option, Widescreen 1.85:1 transfer and sound mastered in Dolby Digital 5.1. All in all, a pretty typical disc, though it does feature Miramax/Disney's high standards for video transfer.
DVD is a fairly new technology that makes us of CD type discs which can now store enough information to carry a film. The sound and picture are both far superior to video tape, as well as laser disc in many cases, and most films feature a menu of extras like the trailer, subtitle and dubbing selections and sometimes other things like production notes and documentaries. Sadly, the From Dusk Till Dawn DVD does not feature the majority of the extra material that made the Laser Disc a must have for fans.
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On 9/28/99, the Canadian release of the FDTD DVD would have been released and would have  actually have MORE features than the infamous laser disc. Its features were to include:

    Sadly, Disney, the parent company, felt they were being outclassed by this distributor and so this and several other Canadian special edition DVDs were canceled.

7/5/00 - I've been hearing about this but have waited for some official confirmation before I said anything. In September, 2000 a special edition DVD of From Dusk Till Dawn will be released. It is coming out under the Collector's Series banner from Miramax and will feature not only all of the extras from the awesome Laser Disc release but will also include some deleted scenes, alternate takes and outtakes and the feature length documentary Full Tilt Boogie! The disc will be available separately or in a boxed set with the other two From Dusk Till Dawn films.

10/11/00 - There has been some confusion about whether the new Special Edition disc was out yet because some people hare having trouble finding it in stores. YES, it is out. If you can't get it at your local video store try ordering it online from How is the disc, you ask? It's very much like the laser disc with a few more things added and rearranged and of course there's the addition of Full Tilt Boogie. Thankfully, the makers of the disc have gone through and arranged the out takes and cut scenes into an easily accessible menu (a big improvement on the laser). Over all, the disc is really great and fans should love it. My only complaint is the animated menus, which are sometimes choppy and for some reason use portions of Marco Beltrami's scores for the Scream films. It's excellent horror music, but FDTD already has a great score by Graeme Revell. This is a good example of Miramax/Dimension slapping Beltrami's music on everything they put out (witness their retooling of the Halloween H20 score if you doubt me.) All in all, though, a great disc.

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