The Comic Book Adaptation

The Comic BookThe Deluxe Edition

In conjunction with the release of From Dusk till Dawn, Big Entertainment released a comic book adaptation of the film (pictured above on the left). It's story was slimed down quite a bit from the original (there was no hostage named Gloria, or report by Kelly Houge and only the briefest appearances from supporting characters like Frost and Earl McGraw) and the art was a little haphazard but for collectors it's still one of those must haves.

A Deluxe Edition (pictured above on the right) was also released. It included the original adaptation (minus the art gallery) as well as interviews with the comic's creative team, an essay on vampires in the real world and some behind the scenes photos that were nothing special. It also featured a nicely done cover with photos from the film.

Shortly after the release of the film, Wizard Magazine: The Guide to Comics announced that Big had inked a deal with Quentin Tarantino to produce comics based on his concepts. The deal included the rights to produce a From Dusk Till Dawn comic line, which the magazine claimed would focus on the Gecko brothers, but so far no new comics have been forthcoming.

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Official Comic Book Adaptation

- Credits -

Scripter: Ed Polgardy

Layouts: Trevor Von Eeden and Fred Harper

Backgound finishes: Richard Clark and Charles Yoakum

Letterers: Ken Brunzenak and Clem Robbins

Colorist: Prismacolor

Editor: James Chambers

- Art Gallery -

Seth and Ritchie outside of Benny's World Of Liquor (14K)

Close up of Seth in the Fuller's hotel room (13K)

Seth and Ritchie (44K)

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