My Site Exclusive Interview
With Bruce Campbell

In case you haven't seen it yet, Bruce Campbell has a cameo in Texas Blood Money as 'Barry' at the begining of the film. I thought it would be nice to ask Bruce some questions about his involvement in the film as well as the horror genre itself, and he was nice enough to agree to answer some quick questions despite his busy schedule. So, a very special thank you to Bruce for his time and attention! This interview was conducted on 3/19/99, three days after Texas Blood Money premiered on video.

Mark: Had you seen the original From Dusk Till Dawn?

Bruce: No. Never had the pleasure. I know that you'll find this to be shocking, but I don't really like horror flicks.

Mark: How were you approached to do Texas Blood Money?

Bruce: My buddy Scott Spiegel directed it. I met Scott in 8th Grade study hall and I had to do the film because he knows too much!

Mark: Your role in TBM reminds me of the begining of SCREAM. The audience thinks that Drew Barrymore is the star of the film, but then by the end of the scene, she's dead! I can imagine genre fans thinking the same about you in Texas Blood Money. Was that the intention?

Bruce: I think so. I've also been specializing in cameos these days, so that fit in rather well with my master plan of taking over the entire world.

Mark: What was the shoot like?

Bruce: Damn short, but very enjoyable. Scott and I goof around a lot.

Mark: How long were you in South Africa for the shoot?

Bruce: I think a whopping 4 days.

Mark: Scott Spiegel was a big part of the first two EVIL DEAD films. How would you compare and contrast his style behind the camera with that of Sam Raimi?

Bruce: I think Scott can actually get whackier than Sam. Sam moves the camera a lot, but Scott likes to put it in garbage cans, etc - he does more Point of view camera stuff.

Mark: I understand that you aren't really a huge fan of genre films. What are your opinions/thoughts on the horror genre and it's inherent violence?

Bruce: I have no problem with horror, or exploitation as long as the audience isn't insulted. I'm also sick of mean-spirited stuff. I'm also more upset by the unfairness of the ratings board. Army of Darkness got an NC-17 when we first submitted it, but the opening scene of Goodfellas has more "real" violence than Army ever had.

Mark: What do you think of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez and the seemingly new wave of filmmaking that they have helped usher in?

Bruce: I think it's great, but have you ever noticed that "new" filmmakers never stay in the world from which they came? It's always too tempting to go "mainstream." We need some real rebels who stay that way.

Mark: Did you meet either of them through the course of making Texas Blood Money?

Bruce: I've met Quentin, but it was from doing a scene with him in a low-budget film called "Eddy Presley."

Mark: Of all the work you've done so far, what are you most proud of?

Bruce: Brisco and a film called Running Time. (Click here for more about Running Time folks!)

Mark: Do you have a dream project?

Bruce: Yes, and I'm going to finance it myself.

Mark: Is there anyone out there that you'd REALLY like to work with?

Bruce: No, I try not to think about that. There are heaps of folks that would be cool, but I just swim the tides...and see who washes up on the beach.

Mark: If you were any cartoon character which one would you be?

Bruce: Speed Racer.

Mark: Boxers or briefs?

Bruce: ZZZZZZ...

Mark: John Wayne or Clint Eastwood?

Bruce: The Duke.

Mark: Elvis or The Beatles?

Bruce: Tie.

Mark: What's next for you?

Bruce: Go here as always:

Mark: Thanks for doing this interview, Mr. Campbell!

Bruce: Best to ya!

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