Full Tilt Boogie

Full Tilt Boogie

During the filming of From Dusk Till Dawn, Quentin Tarantino funded a feature length documentary on the making of the film out of his own pocket. After seeing the film in 1997, Miramax snatched up the distribution rights and the film has made the festival circuit (playing the Venice film festival in Italy on the 5th of September, 1997, the Deauville film festival in France on the 7th of September, 1997 and the Toronto film festival in Canada on the 9th of September, 1997) but it has not yet seen a wide release.

Updates: 4/17/98 - The film is now set for release on July 31st, 1998 in 5 cities, but I don't know which cities yet!

7/5/98 - Thanks to Leslie from the excellent Leslie's George Clooney Page for this bit about the release of FULL TILT BOOGIE, which she found at the TNT Rough Cut site. FTB will be released on July 31st in New York, LA, Dallas, and Seattle.

2/2/99 - Many of you continue (with good reason) to write and ask me when FTB will be released on video. Well, the truth of the matter is that of all the studios in Hollywood, Miramax has the largest collection of movies "on the self." Which means that they have a great deal of films that have yet to see the light of day just sitting around awaiting release (this is because they buy the rights to a lot of films that are already made and then try to find a good time to release them). I can't believe they haven't released FTB, either. However, if you'd like to complain to Miramax, here is their e-mail address: MMX_Webmaster_M@Miramax.com. Write them and ask for the film to be released so that we can all finally see it!

7/5/00 - Finally! After literally years of waiting, we have official confirmation that Full Tilt Boogie will finally be released! The film will be available as an extra on the upcoming Collector's Series From Dusk Till Dawn DVD from Miramax. Look for it in October, 2000!

10/26/00 - Sarah Kelly (Director) and Dominic Kelly (Co-composer) have created a site were you can learn more about Full Tilt Boogie. Go to www.fulltiltboogie.org for more info!

11/3/00 - The VHS edition of Full Tilt Boogie is poping up for rent in the video store chains, check it out! Above is the video box art:

- Credits -

Directed by: Sarah Kelly

Cast (in credits order)

Cinematography by: Christopher Gallo

Music by: Dominic Kelly and Cary Berger

Film Editing by: Lauren Zuckerman

Produced by: Mark Friedman (associate) Rana Joy Glickman

Other crew:

Running Time: 97 Minutes

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