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There is much new work which has been created since this website was put up. If you are interested in purchasing original work from the artist, please use "Contact Mark" button at the bottom of this page. If you tell me what style of my work you are interested in, and predominant colors, I can send you images of what is currently available in that style.

I am also available for commissions

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Awards and Honors:


1st Place Oils and Acrylics

Lansdale Festival of the Arts - 2014


1st Place Oils and Acrylics

Havre de Grace Art Show – 2014


Featured Artist

St. Peter’s Art Show, Lewes, De– 2014


1st Place Oils and Acrylics

Havre de Grace Art Show – 2013


Judges Choice Award –

Arts Alive, Ocean City Maryland – 2013


3rd Place Painting

Bel Air Festival for the Arts – 2012


1st Place Oils and Acrylics

Havre de Grace Art Show – 2011


1st Place Oils and Acrylics

Havre de Grace Art Show – 2010


1st Place Fine Art

Delaware City Canalfest – 2009


3rd Place Painting

Bel Air Festival for the Arts – 2009


2nd Place Oils and Acrylics

Havre de Grace Art Show – 2008

Since 2003, over 425 original paintings have found a place in your homes or have been given as gifts.
Hundreds of thousands of people have seen my work in juried art shows and exhibitions.
Comments have centered on how tactile, colorful and unique my work is when viewed live. Too bad the textural elements don't translate to the website like they do in person.... this is also why I do not make prints.... 
But, I hope in the coming years, that I will have the opportunity to share my work with you. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art, please make an inquiry by clicking on the link.
I can now accept major credit cards and PayPal for purchases.
Share my website address with people who you know collect and enjoy art.


Obrigado por todo o seu interesse em meu site. Vejo muitos sucessos de Portugal e Brasil se que você está interessado em uma pintura específica, por favor use o link de contato na parte inferior da página.

  • شكرا لك على كل اهتمامك في بلدي المواقع. وهناك العديد من الزوار من البلدان الناطقة بالعربية. إذا كنت مهتما في لوحة، فالرجاء استخدام الارتباط الاتصال في الجزء السفلي من الصفحة. 

  • Gracias por todo su interés en mi sitio. Veo muchos éxitos de América del sur y España. Si usted está interesado en una pintura específica, utilice el enlace contacto en la parte inferior de la página.

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    The Urban Outsider Artist


    I have used the term "Urban Outsider" since roughly 2005 now in describing my work. When  applying this term to my work, I have been attempting to explain the ways in which I have come to be the artist I am.


    Part of what makes my work different is that I am self-taught. As an outsider painter, I believe that I practice my art 'outside' of a larger community of visual artists who share a common background of academic coursework, practical training and interaction.


    I have always had an interest in color, line and pattern. My father shared with me the basics of photography as a young person. But, I never thought to pursue this activity as a vocation. At the age of forty, however, I began to teach myself to paint. My art school has been the museum, the book and my home studio space.


    I feel that part of the outsider tradition revolves about developing a style set which comes from exposure to one's surroundings and activities. I don't have a lot of interaction with other artists as far as collaboration of sharing of artistic ideas. So my influences come from life experiences, reading and visiting museums.


    In my application of the concept, the urban differentiation of the outsider artist tradition is that an urban outsider artist can be distinguished from the outsider, naive, visionary and art brut painters by greater levels of education and sophistication.


    I paint in a number of styles... Abstract, Geometric Abstraction, Representational, Semi-Abstract, Semi-Realist, Abstract Realist.... There are lots of 'isms' which could be used to describe my work.  In other words, I paint in a number of distinct styles which allow me to express myself in a number of ways.. Some of my most powerful paintings are small abstracts, while many of my paintings from my pre and post-Katrina New Orleans series evoke powerful response from the audiences viewing my work at summer art shows.

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