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Our Little Paradise


The Tiki,Coldest Beer for 800 Miles. And the Indoor Theater

The Old Army Barracks,Torn Down in Dec.2003

The Mission at JACADS is complete,All Weapons destroyed,The plant is all but a memory now

The Bunkers on the southwest side of the Island,All Empty. Both fences, plus the warning signs all gone. Even tearing down the light poles. Won't be much left.

The Old Guard Tower inside the Bunker Complex. As of July 2003, It's torn down now, along with the fence. It's all coming to an end

Playing with the Sharks down at the "Shark Chute" on the West end of the Island



The last DXpedition on Johnston Island took place Feb.2003 with Bernie McClenny W3UR,Martti Laine OH2BH,and Pertti Simovaara OH2PM. 28,800+ Contacts


Another beautiful Sunrise on a calm morning on the Rock

The Coral Reef Dining Hall. Both Coral Reef and the Cold Storage building gone the end of March 2004

One of Six Huge V-12 Caterpillar Engines in the Power Plant. 3500HP each. RCI Hauled them down to the wharf and loaded them on a Barge. Last I heard, they were headed to Houston,TX for retro fit to 50Hz, and then off to Iraq.

Gas Mask Anyone?

Jacads Entrance 2002

On the front of the old Army Barracks


"United States Army Chemical Activity Pacific" sign on the west end of the old Army Barracks

Mural on the West end of the old Army Barracks


Looking west from the JOC June 13th,2004 the day before I left the Island forever. They were tearing down the last 3 Redwoods while I was waiting for our planes to arrive that Monday morning. Now the place really is for the Birds...Aloha, All


Another shot of them tearing down Barracks 252


Filling the Pool with all of the cement blocks from around the Island


We shipped almost all of the Vehicles and equipment to the base on Kwajalein or gave them to the Republic of  Marshal Islands


Smashing one of the last west Redwoods