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A Look At The Rock

Looking West Down Arnold Ave. from the 4th floor of building 252. The underground dispensary used to be below the volley ball court in the right center. You can see an old picture of the entrance on the history page

Busy day at the Air Terminal, Had 2 F-18's stop by for a couple days. The Marine C-130 damaged a wing from a bird strike. Aloha Airlines used to stop 5 times a week. Ahh....The good old Days

The Waikiki,A little Beer, A little Bingo every Sat. night. What else could you ask for?

Air Force Radio story
about Last Flight out.
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Getting ready for a little race

Heading out on another Fishing Trip

The Softball diamond just East of the JOC,South of the Golf Course is now the local land fill for the Demolition. The Golf Course is gone now too.


If you worked at the Plant, you probably saw this sign a thousand times


Our Pool at the west end of Main Street. Filled in with all the cement blocks that lined the road by the ATO,and topped off with Coral.


The Gym/Sports Complex was torn down March 24th.Some of the equipment was being used up on the Tennis courts until they tore that down too.

Outside of the old Phone/Radio Bldg. Last used for Ham Radio. Knocked down early March 2004


The screen of the outdoor theater was torn down early June,2004

Our "BX", Library Court Yard. The old Library was used as the main office for all the contractors and our Health Clinic/Emergency Room for the last 6 months during demolition.

The old Navy Boat we used to use for Open Ocean fishing. 2 SuperCharged V-16 Detroit Diesels. No more fishing trips now.

The 600 series Apts. towards the west end of Main St. Like almost all the buildings now, they're gone too.......

A look at the Marina Dock Area way before eveything was torn down or sent to Kwaj.

The Fence by the "Pluto Yard". It has been cleaned up now and is no longer "HOT". We all hope?


Finally tore down the Old Cold Storage Building. Had to spray it down with water because of all the Asbestos.

Our Supply Barge, ready to be Unloaded at the Wharf


The insides of the JOC completely gutted. All the asbestos removed. Only building left standing on the Island *Looking east on 1st Floor towards the Clinic