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Needed :
bullet Someone to do look-ups for "The Churches of Fluvanna Co., Virginia"

If you have any books in your home library, and you are available for look-ups, please email your name and email address and the titles of your publication.

bullet 1850 Fluvanna County Census ... Betty Jane Perkins-Nott
bullet 1860 Fluvanna County Census ... Marilyn Anderson

Fluvanna Artillery ... This message from Sharon Orr: "I have a copy of The Fluvanna Artillery, the Virginia Regimental History Series, which includes the Sons of Fluvanna as well as Cocke's Company.   The book includes a list of soldiers in these regiments.  I would be willing to look up names for people searching for their ancestors. Contact Sharon at

Virginia Regimental Histories Series Book:  44th Virginia Infantry  .... Kenny Faris

Virginia Regimental Histories Series Book:  18th & 20th Battalions of Heavy Artillery  .... Kenny Faris

bullet Virginia Regimental Histories Series Book:  The Charlottesville, Lee Lynchburg and Johnson's Bedford Artillery  .... Kenny Faris
bullet Gravestone Inscriptions of Church and Public Cemeteries of Fluvanna Co, VA ....Hazel Bennett
bullet Fluvanna Artillery ..... Sharon Orr
bullet Fluvanna Co. 1782, Heads of Families ...... Volunteer needed
bullet The Churches of Fluvanna Co., VA ..... Volunteer needed
bullet Fluvanna Co. Virginia, Death Records 1853-1896.....Betty J. McDaniel or Brian Perkins
bullet Fluvanna Co. Deed, 1777 - 1783......C.Coleman
bullet Fluvanna County Sketchbook.....C.Coleman
bullet Fluvanna Goes To War, 44th Virginia Infantry; Companies A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I,& Co. K....... Volunteer needed.
bullet Fluvanna Goes To War, 19th Virginia Infantry; Companies A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, & Co. K............ Volunteer needed.
bullet Fluvanna Goes To War, The Fluvanna Artillery; Consolidated, 1st & 2nd Batteries......... Volunteer needed.
bullet Virginia Publick Claime, Fluvanna Co. VA.....John Woods.
bullet 1850 Fluvanna Co. VA Census....... Volunteer needed.
bullet The Horn Book of Virginia History...... Volunteer needed.
bullet Fluvanna Co. VA 1800 Tax List.....John Woods.
bullet Fluvanna Co. VA 1815 Land Tax List.....John Woods.
bullet The Douglas Register......Brian Perkins
bullet St. James Northam Parish Vestry Book, 1744-1850.......Brian Perkins
bullet Fluvanna Co. Marriages, 1781 - 1849 (Book)....... Brian Perkins
or for snail mail contact:

Gail Cope Haferkamp
10 Cherie Ct.
St. Peters, MO. 63376
(If by mail, please include SASE)

                       Photo in Fluvanna banner courtesy of  Elizabeth Cann Kambourian

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