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The Fluvanna Mail List
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Fluvanna Mail List

The Fluvanna Mail List is up and running. To subscribe send message "subscribe" to:

NOTICE REGARDING THE FLUVANNA MAIL LIST:  I do not own any of this list so sending a subscribe message to me will not work. Second, as I am probably not researching your surnames, please do not write to me to see if I have information on your ancestors. Any information I am aware of regarding various families can be found on this site.  Any requests I receive will be treated as queries and posted to the site.  Finally, all of these lists are free. When subscribing, please make sure that the subscribe command is the only text in the body of the message. In general, you must be a subscriber to post to a mailing list and posting instructions will be contained in the Welcome message you receive when you subscribe a long with how is unsubscribe.  Remember that when posting to the list your message goes to everyone who has subscribe to the list.

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                       Photo in Fluvanna banner courtesy of  Elizabeth Cann Kambourian

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