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Fluvanna Co., Virginia Query Page -- 2008

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SURNAME:  Cleveland
DATE: 11 November 2008

QUERY:  I'm trying to find information about Nathaniel (Nat) Cleveland (~1828-1864) and his wife, Matilda (Mattie) Marshall (1833-??). I know from a letter Mattie wrote in 1855 that she and her husband lived in Fluvanna on or near the James River. I found a notice of Nat dying of disease in Charlottesville in June 1864, and he appears in Fluvanna as a slave owner in the 1860 slave census. But I can't find any record of their marriage (reputed to have occurred in 1855 in Albemarle) or what happened to her after his death. Any further information about them is welcome.



SURNAME:  Sheperd
DATE: 31 August 2008

QUERY:  Looking for any information on the following family tree members: Father: Allan Thomas Shepherd Jr. son of Allan Thomas Shepherd - son of Shandy Holland Shepherd and M. Addie Michelle. and Susie L. Bell Wife/mother - daughter of Adolphus Orlando Bell and Mary Blanche Elliott.  My father lived was raised in the house I believe is now called Laughton.


SURNAME:  Beach, Caudle
DATE: 1 April 2008

QUERY:  Iím hoping to find some info on John & Maria Beach. They were married in Fluvanna County 3 Dec 1857. She died sometime about 1874, as John remarried later that year. I have been unable to find any info on a date of death or possible place of burial and would appreciate any info. They had 3 children; Sara, Mary and John Beach.


DATE: 11 March 2008

QUERY:  I'm hoping to find a date of death and a place of burial for Maria L Beach. She was married to James H Beach 3 Dec 1857 in Fluvanna. Maria died sometime around 1874, as James remarried in 1874. Any info is appreciated.


DATE: 29 January 2008

QUERY:  I was wondering if anyone had any information on the date of death and/or place of burial for Maria L Beach.  I believe she died somewhere about 1874.  She was the second wife of James H Beach.


DATE: 6 January 2008

QUERY:  I'm looking for information on my great, great, great grandfather John Marks. He was married to Susanna Bragg in 1818 in Fluvanna.







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