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Fluvanna Co., Virginia Query Page -- 2007

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SURNAME:  Caudle, Higgins
DATE: 27 November 2007

QUERY:  I'm looking for any information on John W Caudle and Lucy A Higgins. John was born April 1819 and is listed on the 1850 & 1860 census for Fluvanna County. He married Lucy Higgins in Richmond March of 1839. They had several children in Fluvanna County before moving to Manchester after the Civil War. Any info is appreciated.



DATE: 23 September 2007

QUERY: Looking for William E. Henry, b. 1804 Va. who married Mary Ellet / Ellett b. 1794 VA.  The only Henry I can find that fits is in Fluvanna Co.  They later moved to Ohio and then on to Iowa. 


DATE: 12 September 2007

QUERY: I have reason to believe that TOLIVER DAVIS and LEVI DAVIS were brothers.  TOLIVER was born 1800 LEVI born 1805.both were cabinet makers.Does anyone have more info.?


SURNAME:  Minter
DATE: 29 July 2007

QUERY:  I'm looking for information on the Minter family. Mariah Louisa "Chris" Minter was my great grandmother born around 1844 in Fluvanna County.



SURNAME:  Ryan, Dillard
DATE: 18 July 2007

QUERY:  I am searching for info on my great great grandfather White G. Ryan who was born in Fluvanna Co. in 1815. I think his parents were William Ryan and Frances Dillard who were married in Fluvanna Co. in 1814.  Any info/leads would be greatly appreciated.




DATE: 11 July 2007

QUERY:  Looking for information about Charles COKER who might have been born in Fluvanna County, VA in 1740. Any information appreciated.




SURNAME:  Ryan, Dillard
DATE: 9 May 2007

QUERY:  I am looking for info on my great great grandfather White G. Ryan who was born in Fluvanna Co. in 1815. I believe his parents were William Ryan and Frances Dillard Ryan, but I am not sure.  Any leads on sources and/or info would be great appreciated.



SURNAME:  Jones, Oppenhimer, Cutchins
DATE: 2 April 2007

QUERY:  Looking for anyone who would be willing to take a picture of Corinth Hill on West River Rd NW of Fork Union.



SURNAME:  Walker, Duval, Jennings
DATE: 27 March 2007

QUERY:  Looking for information on the Shadrack Walker/Joseph Duval/John Jennings families of Goochland/Louisa/Fluvanna Counties. These families were located in the corner that connects the three counties They would be located here in the late 1700ís. Please contact Marie Walker Jennings with any information at or phone (804)746-4970



SURNAME:  Hilton, Hylton, Helton 
DATE: 20 February 2007

QUERY:  George Helton marries Bethnia Neville Allen a widow with several children. Married in an Episcopal Ceremony performed by Rev. Ramsey at the "Old Fork Church" in Fork Union, Fluvanna Co. VA. The church was sometimes called the "Old Stone Church" and George was quoted as saying the he was married at the Glebe, with its location being given as Amherst Co. (the county lines have changed several times).

I am interested in locating the church and its records. George and Bethnia moved to Nelson/Amherst Co. sometime after their marriage. Also looking for George Hilton, Sr. who is supposed to have died in Fluvanna abt. 1770



SURNAME:  Sykes 
DATE: 20 February 2007

QUERY:  Looking for any information available and photos of the "Old Sykes Place" located on Rt. 620,(Rolling Rd. S.), Fluvanna. The land was possibly purchased from a Mrs. Black.



DATE: 19 February 2007

QUERY:  Does anyone know if there is a mortality census record for the 1850 Fluvanna Co, Va Census? I have found information that says an ancestor may have died in October of 1850 and wondered if there was a mortality census to verify that.



SURNAME:  Humphreys 
DATE: 12 February 2007

QUERY:  Seeking info about William Humphrey and his family who may have lived in Wilmington, Fluvana, VA. Records indicate he may have married "Miss Underwood".




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