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Fluvanna Co., Virginia Query Page -- 2004

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SURNAME:  Bishop, R(h)odes
DATE: 24 December 2004

QUERY:  Looking for marriage record of Robert Bishop and Nancy R(h)odes.

Fluvanna Co. Virginia Marriages 1781 - 1849: By John Vogt and T.William Kethley Jr. Virginia Historic Marriage Register Published by Iberian Pub.Co., Athens, GA.

Pg.57 (in book)

Bishop, Robert and Nancy Rodes 7 Jan 1812, min: John Goodman.

Looking for parents of both parties. Can someone help???

SURNAME:  Hawkins
DATE: 11 December 2004

QUERY:  Seeking a death date and place of burial in Fluvanna County for Martin V.B. Hawkins who was last shown living in the Fork Union area of the county. Martin Hawkins was alive as late as 1910 and was a Confederate veteran from Tennessee

SURNAME:  Woodson, Charles
DATE: 12 November 2004

QUERY:  In a copy of old Bible pages (Shores- Tutwiler)Bible I find a death date of Dec.1, 1830. I assume that he was a friend of Martin Tutwiler or perhaps a relative of Susannah Bugg Shores. Is this the Charles who married Judith Ford Christian?

SURNAME:  Hudgins/Boatwright/Shepard/Bryant
DATE: 19 August 2004

QUERY:  Looking for information on Benjamin F. Hudgins.  There exists a bond between James Boatwright and John Shepard to Silas Bryant and Benjamin Hudgins.  This Benjamin Hudgins is shown at the Virginia Historical Society records as Benjamin F. Hudgins, b. 1831-1894.  I believe it is possible that this Benjamin Hudgins has been mis-identified and is possibly Benjamin Hudgens/Hudgins b. 1808, d. 29 May 1879 at Flat Rock Estate, Cumberland County, Virginia.  Can someone check a census record for 1860 to see if a Benjamin F. Hudgins was living in Fluvanna County during this time period.  This would eliminate my Benjamin Hudgins as possible candidate because he was living in Buckingham County, near Boatwright Island. 

SURNAME:  Pace/Robinson(Robertson,Roberson)/Herndon/Walker/Timberlake
DATE: 17 August 2004

John R.Pace b. 1809 M. Elizabeth?
John Walker Pace b 1843 m. Rebecca Ann Robinson
David C.Robinson b. 1789 m. Mary Ann Herndon

These are my ancestors, I have reason to believe they have a connection to the following surnames:

Cosby- Frances Cosby b. Ala.
           Edward or Edwin Cosby

the above were last living in Fluvanna abt. 1880

My grandparents lived near a Noel,and Haden family. Walker Timberlake Noel in Noel-is there a connection David and Mary Robinson had the following children:

Rebecca Ann Robinson b. 1853
Robert J. Robertson
Benjamin Franklin Robinson
Robert and Benjamin Robertson were living in Shipman Va.(Nelson County in 1930)

One of them was married to a Sally Humphries

DATE: 10 August 2004

I am looking for any information on any Horn familys from Fluvanna County. James Edward Horn was born in Fluvanna County about 1845 any help would be appriciated on his father and mother.

SURNAME: Wood/Hope/Corbet/Smith
DATE: 2 August 2004

I am researching the Thomas Wood family from Fluvanna VA, Thomas married Mary Hope, children were Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Nancy, Thomas and  JAmes. My line follows the child Thomas who married Jane Corbet, children Miranda, Amanada, John R, Charles H., Adaline, Horace, Sarah, Ella, John R. Wood married Sabra A. Smith. I have more, if you are researching this line.

DATE: 30 July 2004

Looking for any information about my Grandfather, MORRIS HOPSON DAVIS, born in Columbia, Virgina, May 1881, died July 1930, buried in Richmond. He was a trainman, believed to be working on the line from Richmond to Gladstone, Va. I have no other information except he had a conection with Jefferson Davis family somewhere in the genealogy. Would like to connect the pieces.

SURNAME: George/Johnson
DATE: 17 July 2004

Was wondering if anyone knows where Timberlake ( Timberline ? ) Methodist Church is or was.  My George/Johnson ancestors were married there in the early 1800's.

SURNAME: Shepard/Brown
DATE: 14 June 2004

Does anyone know the origins ( place of birth) or who the parents of Lawrence Shepherd were? He came to Fluvanna Co. from Loudon Co. VA in the late 1700's, was married to Anna Brown of Fluvanna, and migrated to Ross Co. Ohio in 1809. His Fluvanna descendants include Abraham Shepherd, Abram Shepherd, and my grandfather, James Osgood Shepherd.

SURNAME: Robertson/Robinson
DATE: 24 April 2004

Seeking information on Rice Robertson, b. ca 1811 VA. Given his name, I am interested in any Robertson who may have married a Rice. Surname has been seen as Robinson, as well.

SURNAME: Drumheller/Seay/Glass/Marion/Morris
DATE: 2 April 2004

I am doing research on my grandmother's family from Fluvanna county and I found your name on the Fluvanna website.  My grandmother, Fannie Morris was the granddaughter of John I. and Susan Glass Drumheller.  Her mother was Myrtie Drumheller Seay Marion.  According to the 1880 census which I obtained on the Mormon genealogy site, my great-grandmother was 4 months old in 1880.  I notice you have done research on Glass.  I wonder if the above Glass Drumheller is related?  According to the 1880, she was about 41 in 1880.Also, I understand that my great-grandmother" first husband was a Seay.  My grandmother Fannie was her only child by Mr. Seay.  She then married a Marion.  Jesse Franklin Marion whose parents was Fannie Melton Marion and William B. Marion.  He (Jesse Marion) was also born in Fluvanna Cty in 1880. I tried to contact Diane Cassell who is doing research on Shipp and Drumheller but the email bounced back.  I hope this one works.  Any info you could give me would be helpful.  I especially would like to find out about the families before 1880, especially the Drumhellers.

SURNAME: Carmichael / Dixie P.O.
DATE: 24 February 2004

A friend of mine has a envelope that was mailed during the Civil War era to:

Mrs S. W. Carmichael
Dixie P. O.
Fluvanna Co. VA

Was there at one time a town named Dixie in this county?

SURNAME: Holland
DATE: 4 February 2004

I am looking for information about Shandy W. Holland, born 1827 in Fluvanna County, VA. He first appears in the 1850 Fluvanna County Census as a 22 year old, single man. His name appears in the 1850 Slave Schedule and the 1860 Fluvanna County Census and Slave Schedule. He appears in the 1870 Fluvanna County Census as married to Martha, and having children named Tristan (b. 1855), Archibald (b. 1860), John (b. 1868) and Anna (b. 1869).  He dies between 1870 and 1880, as his wife, Martha, is shown as a widow in the 1880 Green Springs, Louisa County Census.

I don't know who Shandy W. Holland's parents or sibling were, but suspect, based on the 1810 and 1820 censuses, he is was the son of either Richard Holland, John Holland, Major Holland or Shandy Holland. I don't have access to Fluvanna County records and would like to know if there are any birth, marriage, death, burial, probate or land records that might provide information about Shandy W. Holland and Martha's ancestry.

My husband is a descendent of Archibald Holland and Cora Bricker of Indiana. Any information about the Hollands of Fluvanna County, VA, would be greatly appreciated.

DATE: 10 January 2004

John Wm. Smith born around 1826.  Records show him 1860 but 1870 records shows his wife, Christianna Conoley Smith head of household.  Any help please is appreciated.

DATE: 9 January 2004
NAME: Butch Willard


Searching for the marriage record for Dilla THACKER and wife Jane m. Feb. 22, 1827, Fluvanna Co., VA. I am looking for the parents for Dilla and wife Jane. Thanks in advance.


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