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Fluvanna Co., Virginia Query Page -- 2001

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SURNAME: Kent-Glass
DATE: 21 December 2001
Lyn White

QUERY:  David Glass of Texas:  please contact the undersigned again by e-mail regarding Kent-Glass document.
Lyn White
8202 Westmeath Lane
Richmond  VA  23227
Voice: 804-266-2359
Fax: 804-266-4966

SURNAME: Hancock
DATE: 18 December 2001
NAME: Becky Martin Christiansen

QUERY:  I am seeking information concerning the John Hancock and his wife Elizabeth and their family. Their daughter Nancy was my 4th great grandmother. I only know they were living in Albemarle County when it was divided to create Fluvanna County. In the early 1780s most of the family moved to southern Virginia where my ancestor moved along with her parents and brothers Benjamin, Lewis, Major and William. I am seeking information on them and hope to find when they departed Fluvanna Co.


SURNAME: Wood-Saunders
DATE: 10 December 2001
NAME: Earl Cullison

QUERY:  I am looking for information on my 7th generation grandparents. William A WOOD and Francine SAUNDERS. William was born February 8 1769 in Fluvanna county. He was a Baptist minister. I have some information from the Biographers of Baptist Ministers of the state of Virginia.

He married Francis SAUNDERS in 1801.Francis was also from Fluvanna county. They moved to Kanawha county in 1810.I know they had a least two sons and one daughter, Martha WOOD. I do not know the sons names or his parents names. William died February 17 1833. I do not have any other information on Francis SAUNDERS. Martha WOOD later married Gabriel Bryan.

I would like very much to hear from anyone who knows anything about my family.

SURNAME: Tacy-Rodgers
DATE: 10 December 2001
D. Jeanne Russell

QUERY:  I have a copy of a court case involving my g-g-grandfather, Randolph Bernard Tacy, Robert Tacy and William Rodgers in Fluvanna Co. They were the defendants. It seems they are involved in a case of assault and battery. The date is April, 1844, Common Law Order Book 3, page 186.

This is all I can read in the copy. Can anyone help me with this record and does anyone know who this Robert Tacy was ? My ancestor Randolph did not have a son named Robert that we know of. There was a Robert Tacey, son of George Tacey in Harpers Ferry, wv about the same time and died in Civil War . but have been unable to connect these two families. Any information on these Tacy's will be appreciated. Randolph Tacy married Paulina Glass in 1826 in Fluvanna Co, Va. We have found no other records of Robert Tacy named in the court record.

Every path has a puddle and bin Laden is sitting in mine.


SURNAME: Strange
DATE: 28 October 2001
NAME: Robyn E. Hill

QUERY:  My grandmother on my father's side was Lucy Adele Stange who was born in Seattle, Washington. Her father was Willard Alloway Strange and his father was Archie (short for a middle name Archelaus) Strange. My research indicates that the Alloway Stranges are descended from two brothers using the surname Alloway-Strange who came from Scotland and were in Fluvanna County in the 1600's and that one of them arrived in Jamestown, Virginia on the ship "Pauline" in 1636. I am trying to:

(1) Connect my specific ancestor to the family. [With the names Archelaus and Alloway it can hardly belong to any other family, but I do not have the specific connection or a good source for the descendants of the two brothers];

(2) Discover what clan the family may have been associated with in Scotland [One source that I found indicates that the name originally meant stranger from Alloway which lies on the southwest coast of Scotland and might be associated with the Kennedy clan. Another source says it is the Alloway sept of the Strange clan in the Orkneys. I can find no Strange clan anywhere. The surname name Strange is associated with the MacGregor clan in the middle of Scotland or the Carrick district in which the town of Alloway lies (again possibly connected with the Kennedy clan. However, the surname Alloway is associated with the Aberdeen district, which is associated with the Gordon clan. The Orkneys are in the far northeast of Scotland and may never have developed a clan structure but are far closer to Aberdeen than to Carrick. Obviously this is complicated and it would be helpful to know whether anyone else has established a connection to a particular clan]; and

(3) Discover passenger lists or other information for the Pauline and/or any other ship that brought the Alloway Stranges to Virginia.

I live in Richmond, so it is feasible for me to travel to Fluvanna County, but it would be nice to know what to look for and who to ask. I would appreciate any information or advice that you could offer.

SURNAME: Hunt, Ladd
DATE: 17 October 2001
NAME: Robin Hunt Smith

QUERY:  I am looking for information on John Hunt who married Ann Ladd some time around 1770 in Fluvanna County.  They lived in area of the Fluvanna-Albemarle county line and had David; John Jr.; Elisha; Ann; Elizabeth; Keziah? and Crissin?  not sure of the spelling of some.  John Jr. married Judith Boldin.  They moved to Missouri in the 1820's.  The Ladd's and possibly the Hunts were of Quaker origin but they didn't stay with the church. 

SURNAME: Hampton
DATE: 12 October 2001
NAME: Linda Wall

QUERY:  I am searching for anyone that may be working on the following names in Fluvanna Co., Va. I have a copy of an obit of Richard Wade Hampton. In that obit, it says he was born to Richard Hampton and Sarah Smith Hampton. He was born 24 Feb 1836. Does anyone have any connections with these Hamptons?

SURNAME: Omohundro
DATE: 10 October 2001
NAME: Carrington Lee Coleman

QUERY:  For those who have an interest in Fluvanna County History in general, there is an article in the "Westerners" department of the October 2001 Wild West Magazine about "Texas Jack" Omohundro.

DATE: 10 October 2001
NAME: Barry Fox

QUERY:  Does anyone have access to the 1870 Fluvanna County census and not mind doing a look-up for me? John McGee can be found on page 212.

Thanks for your help.

SURNAME: Mayo, Applegate
DATE: 26 September 2001
NAME: Alicia Jordan

QUERY:  I am looking for any information on parents of a John MAYO born 28 May 1807 in Fluvanna County.  His death is 1 July 1877 in Wayne County Iowa.  Married to Elizabeth Applegate.

SURNAME: Robertson, Ford
DATE: 16 September 2001
NAME: Antoinette Waughtel Sorensen

QUERY:  I have a record of a marriage between Charles ROBERTSON and Nancy FORD was registered in the Clerk's Office of Fluvanna County 18 December 1797. I also note that the Marriage Bond is shown as Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia, 13 December 1797. Is there any other records that might be available during this time period that I might search for regarding these two above named persons. My website is

SURNAME: Venable, Eades, Bowles, Richardson, Woods, Clarke
DATE: 31 August 2001
NAME: Shellie Karol-Chik

QUERY:  Is there anyone out there that is researching a family of William S. Venable and Sarah Eades or their relations in Fluvanna County, VA? I am desperately trying to find parents for these two.

Also, I am trying to determine their relationship with these people:
D.W.K. Bowles
Sarah Richardson
Joseph Woods
William L. Clarke

Any help is appreciated!!

SURNAME: Butler, Williams
DATE: 21 August 2001
NAME: Tracey Rothgeb

QUERY:  I have a couple different Butlers in my Williams tree. I am hoping that you can help me out. I have Olivia Frances Butler who married William James Williams 1/10/1895 in Louisa County, Va. Her parents are listed as James Oscar Butler and Mildred Susan Butler. One generation back I have the parents of William James Williams, James Thomas Williams and Prescilla A. Butler. I have yet to find a marriage license for them, but I know that they were married and living in Louisa County November 23, 1865 because they had a child in the death register there. It was a little girl who died of
Pneumonia. It is not clear exactly which  county this pair was from. I think they jumped back and forth across the Louisa/ Fluvanna line because their other children were born in Fluvanna. Anyway I have no idea who this Prescilla Bitler's parents were since there are no marriage records in Louisa County between 1861 and 1865 for a reason I nor they understand. I have reason to believe that Prescilla may be the daughter of Hezekiah Butler, also the sister of Olivia's mother. In fact making her Olivia's aunt and mother-in-law both. Did I confuse you on that one. I have seen somewhere on the net, but have never found it but that one time a reference to a Prescilla Butler marrying a Henry Ham in Louisa County in 1858. This site listed her as the daughter of Hezekiah Butler. Oddly enough when I went to the clerks office in Louisa I found no trace of that marriage either. Strange, huh? Another reason I think that she is the one is that on James' civil war pension application it said that his comrad during the war was none other than Andrew J. Butler (Prescilla and Mildred's brother) of Bells Cross Roads Louisa. My theory is that Prescila married this Henry Ham before the war and that he passed away during the war. She married James after the war because she met him through his and her brother's friendship during the war. I have found no record of Henry Ham after the Civil War, but I haven't found really anything to substantiate my theory either. If you by any chance have any information that may help me could you please let me know???

DATE: 17 August 2001
NAME: Marilyn Andersen

I have used every resource I can think of to locate my ancestor who was born in Fluvanna VA. Here's what I know: John Kidd born in Fluvanna, VA in 1800 married Rebecca Lowry Sept. 10, 1823.  She was also born in Fluvanna, VA

Their children, born in Fluvanna, VA: Susan (1826), Jesse (1827), Barbara A. (1830), Sarah (1832), Nancy (1834), William (1840)

They moved sometime after 1840 to Fayette Co., IN I am trying to find John Kidd's parents.

Do you have any suggestions?

SURNAME: Hancock
DATE: 10 July 2001
NAME: Meribe Moon

QUERY: I have found what I think is my ancestors, I'm confused though with the children being born in both Albemarie and Fluvanna. Where can I get information on the John Hancock family of 1733 of Fluvanna. Thanks for any help you can give me.

SURNAME: Hunt, Ladd
DATE: 15 June 2001
NAME: Robin Hunt Smith

QUERY:  I am looking for any information on John Hunt who married Ann Ladd in Fluvanna County and came to Boone County, Missouri.  They lived near Rockfish Creek.  Ann's father was John Ladd and some of the family lived in Albemarle county.

SURNAME: Venable
DATE: 21 May 2001
NAME: Darrell & Kay

QUERY:  Does anyone have information on Joseph? Venable and Drurry W Venable born in Fluvanna count in 1826 and 1827 and on the 1870 Lee Co VA census?

SURNAME: Turner/Adams/Tucker
DATE: 21 May 2001

QUERY:  Trying to fin the ancestry of:  Joseph H. Turner, b. abt 1802 m. Eliza Tucker Adams,( b aft 1813 in St Peters Parish, daughter of John Adams and Rebecca "Randolph" Tucker of Fluvanna Co.)  The following was in the Fluvanna Co. death records - "On  10 Jul 1860,A Joseph Tucker reported the death of his mother, Mary Turner, age 84, born in Caroline Co., daughter of Wm and Rebecca
.  I can't get a line on the Fluvanna Co. Turners.  Maybe, because they were really from Caroline Co., but can't find anything there either.  Can anyone help?

SURNAME: Humphrey, Barnard, Black, Parrish
DATE: 10 May 2001
NAME: Hazel Bennett

QUERY:  I would like to know where Bartlett Humphrey, his wives Betsy Barnard and Nancy Black, and any of his children, especially Howell Garland Humphrey are buried. Bartlett died about 1840. Howell Garland was married to Nancy Settle Parrish 3-8-1827. He died in June 1878. All of them lived in Fluvanna Co. Would like to have any info on any of them.

SURNAME: Linthicum
DATE: 8 May 2001
NAME: Judy Brown

QUERY:  Searching for information on Rice B. Linthicum b. Fluvanna Co, Va 1776 and moved to Livingston/Crittendon Co, Ky by the 1820 census.

SURNAME: Amoss, Barnard, Barnett
DATE: 15 April 2001
Rachel Grace

QUERY:  Looking for information on either WILLIAM AMOSS or CHARLES BARNARD/BARNETT.  Charles married William Amoss' daughter Lucy supposedly in Fluvanna Co VA.  William Amoss' son Martin states in his RW Pension that he was born in Albemarle Co in the part that became Fluvanna Co. VA. Charles is believed to have been born ca 1753 and he is dead by 1792. William Amoss was born 25 Oct 1726 in New Kent Co VA.

Charles and Lucy had the following children:
Valentine born ca 1780
Archibald born ca 1786
Mary born ca 1781
Isham born 23 Dec 1787


SURNAME: Moore/Sprouse/Harris
DATE: 12 April 2001
NAME: Terry L. Moore

QUERY:  Looking for any information on any of MOORE family, mentioned in Fluvanna County Will Book  #1, pages 76,77,and 78.  The will for John MOORE is dated August 3, 1784, and mentions wife Frances, daughter Tabitha SPROUSE, daughter Hanna HARRIS, son William, son Tandy, and son Obediah.  Will also mentions father William MOORE, mother Hanna, and brother Benjamin of Amherst County.  The will was "proved" on March 3, 1785.

SURNAME: Johnson/Ryals
DATE: 4 April 2001
NAME: L. Hurston Anderson, PhD

The 1850 Fluvanna Co, VA census shows William Johnson aged 60, a farmer, and wife Nancy M. Johnson living in residence # 26.  There is the notation "(P.)" after his name.  Not sure what that means.  In this residence is also Nancy M. Johnson, aged 54, and three children - Sarah aged 16, Frederic aged 12,and Octavius aged 10. 
In residence #25 are James Ryals and Isabella K. Johnson Ryals with five small children.  It would appear that this family are fairly successful builders because there are also five carpentars, laborers, and painters living with them.  This Isabella Ryals is the eldest sister of the Johnson children in residence #26, and probably the eldest daughter of William and Nancy Johnson there.
In residence #27 are Stephen P. Johnson and wife Isabella S. Johnson.  This is oldest male sibling of Johnson children living in residence #26.
Would like to exchange information with anyone related to try to ascertain who the parents of William and Nancy might be, and to get some verification that they are indeed the parents of children as listed below (editor's note -- large family followed... too large to post in this format.  Please contact individual above!).

SURNAME: Moon/Hogg/Johnson
DATE: 30 March 2001
NAME: Alan Davis

QUERY:  Doing research on ancestors of George Arnold Moon b. 1880 in Fluvanna, married Cora Lee Hogg (Mayo) in 1905, he d. in 1918. Believe that his parents were William J. Moon and Mary Elizabeth Johnson. I'm really hoping to find just one or two generations back from George so that I can relate them to all the Moons of Fluvanna and Albemarle. I'll be happy to share what little I have.

SURNAME: Snead/Thomas
DATE: 30 March 2001
NAME: John A. Knouse

QUERY:  My ancestor, Robert A. Snead, b. 1834 Fluvanna Co., VA, had parents:  Pleasant A. Snead, b. 1814, probably in Fluvanna Co., m. Elizabeth L. Thomas, b. 1815.

Does anyone have any info further back?

SURNAME: Edwards
DATE: 8 March 2001
NAME: Gail Edwards

QUERY:  I am interested in any additional information on Oliver Edwards, and his family, especially his parents. He was born around the 1850's. He resided in the Columbia District of Fluvanna CO. in 1880. He had a wife, Katie and several children. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

SURNAME: Walker/Harmon
DATE: 4 March 2001
Amelia E. Palmer

QUERY:  John R. & Elizabeth Walker lived in Fluvanna Co. VA in 1826-1834 or so, where 4 children were born, Judith Ann-1826; Launcelot G.-1828; Alexander-1830; William-1834.  They came to Kanawha Co. VA (WV) and in 1850 & 1860 Census, Kan.Co., 4 Harmon children were living with them, Frederick D-1844; Mary L.-1846; Edward-1849; Aurillia-1853.  The parents of Harmon children were George Harmon & Permelia (?) _____.  What is the connection to Walkers?  Desperately need more info. on John R. & Elizabeth, where they came from, where and when they married, her maiden name, siblings, etc.
I have been searching many years and so appreciate any response. 

SURNAME: Venable
DATE: 27 January 2001
NAME: Pat Venable

QUERY:  Looking for any information on John VENABLE listed in the 1850 census of Fluvanna Co. VA as age 73 with Susanna age 48 and John Jr. age 12.

SURNAME: Venable
DATE: 26 January 2001

QUERY:  Need information on Nathaniel Venable, the son of Hugh Venable who died in Fluvanna Co.  Who were Nathaniel's children?

SURNAME: Venable
DATE: 26 January 2001

QUERY:  Need information on Lewis Venable that resided in Fluvanna County VA in 1788. 

SURNAME: Weast/Rosson
DATE: 24 January 2001
NAME: Marian Moore

QUERY:  My great grandfather, Jacob Gordon Weast to my understanding died in Palmyra, Fluvanna County in 1881. My Uncle Dr. Clair Weast and I will be visiting VA in Sept. We would like to visit his resting place if possible. He was born in Augusta1825, married Elizabeth Ann Rosson at Mt. Zion, with Children born in Madison Mills and died 1881 in Palmyra. Is there someplace where cemeteries are listed, that I could research? Any information on Jacob and/or his parents and siblings would be most welcome. Thank you in advance.

SURNAME: Johnson/ Hopkins/ Webb/ Wood/ Davis/ Marks
DATE: 11 January 2001
NAME: Barbara Johnson Thames

QUERY:  I would like to hear from anyone who has ties to these surnames, Johnson, Hopkins, Webb, Wood, Davis, and Marks. Johnson is my direct lineage in Fluvanna county, William Johnson b. October 1826 married Mary Hopkins 1848,they had 5 kids, Joseph, Richard, Martha, George, and John. William also married Silestine Webb November 1871. I only know of one child Robert.

SURNAME: Faris/Farris/Fariss/Jenkins
DATE: 1 January 2001
NAME: Carolyn S. Faris

QUERY:  I would be interested in hearing from anyone with ties to the surname Faris/Farris/Fariss with roots to the Fluvanna County area.  Our direct lineage is to James (b. abt 1800) who was married to Elizabeth (Betsy) Jenkins (b. abt 1806).  Their 9 known children were Julia Ann, Malissa J., Augustus Washington, Joseph, Charles, Sarah Frances (Fannie), John, Richard, and Mary E.

SURNAME: Beal/Fendall/Bell/Beall
DATE: 12 December 2000
NAME: Charlie

QUERY:  Looking for John Fendall Bell (Beall), son of John (Fendall?) Bell or Beall, born in Fluvanna County, VA.  Virginia Historic Marriage Register lists John Bell married Sally A. Strange on 30 Oct. 1811, married by William Baskett.   The son married Jane Adie of Stafford County, VA around 1831, had several kids including Sally Fendall Bell (Beall), born 1832, married Henry Milstead of Prince William County, VA in 1849.  She, husband, and all children buried
in Pohick Episcopal Church in Lorton, VA.

I would like to come there to check your records, where are they located?


                       Photo in Fluvanna banner courtesy of  Elizabeth Cann Kambourian

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