Cara amiga

A short song by Mark D. Lew


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This piece was born on the newsgroup. Like many newsgroups, r.m.o is a fairly close-knit community, in this case made up of a few dozen opera fans and opera professionals. One member of the group, then known to me only by his pseudonym "Valfer", happened to post a short poem describing the significance of opera in one's life.

> Opera is like a truly good friend:
> First, you meet it
> Then you learn from it
> After a while, you enjoy its company
> Then, you love it.
> You grow old with it, and its presence,
> makes you feel young!

Soon after, in response to an inquiry, Valfer revealed that he was the author of them poem, but it was a originally conceived in Spanish and loses something in translation. He then attached the Spanish words, whereupon what was already a lovely sentiment became beautiful poetry as well.

The poem suggested a melody to me, which I sketched out on paper before going to bed that night. A few days later, I filled in the gaps and wrote it out completely. After conferring with the lyricist, we decided to share the piece here -- mostly for the others in who know the context, but for others as well.

Both the vocal line and accompaniment should be freely interpreted. Although the topic is opera, the song is not intended to be "operatic". This edition is written with a tenor voice in mind; others will probably find the melody more agreeable in a different key.

The English translation printed on the score is mine. It is loosely based on the translation above, but closer to a literal representation of the Spanish text.

Released: July 13, 2000
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Terms: This song is copyright © 2000 by Mark D. Lew. General permission for reproduction and distribution is granted for personal use only. For non-commercial performance or reprint, permission will generally be granted without fee, but it must be specifically requested.

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July 18, 2000